October 18, 2022 | London, UK and Virtual

Bloomberg Equality Summit

About the Event

Economic inequality has dangerous consequences. It can stunt a country’s financial growth, create dangerous fault lines and threaten democracies.

The pandemic and recent geopolitical instability has pushed millions of people into poverty and widened the gap between the haves and have-nots.

This rising inequality is pushing corporate chiefs, political leaders and billionaire entrepreneurs to call for a new model of development, one that focuses on creating wealth and opportunity evenly across social classes, geographies, genders, and ethnicities.

What does this post-covid model of development look like? How can we create a new middle class that will drive consumption and power innovation? And what role does the private sector play in creating wealth for all?

At The Bloomberg Equality Summit, we convene business leaders, policy makers and innovators and task them with creating a blueprint for a future based on equitable prosperity.

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