March 25, 2020 | New York

Bloomberg Equality Summit


Equality is the single most important ethical issue businesses today need to face head-on. Creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce – to serve an increasingly diverse consumer base – is also vital to the success of virtually every business operating today.

Now or Never: Inclusion in the Age of Disruption

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of a woman’s right to vote and the run-up to the 2020 U.S. presidential election, we are witnessing an unprecedented rollback in freedoms that many Americans have taken for granted. The changing tide affecting everything from women’s reproductive rights, hard-won advances for the LGBTQ community and voter access to the ballot box poses challenges for business leaders committed to diversity and inclusion inside and outside the workplace.  Our theme for 2020 is Now or Never: Inclusion in the Age of Disruption.  Simply put, failure to move boldly at this juncture increases the likelihood that these rollbacks create a new normal for both business and broader society.

With so much at stake, Bloomberg will convene the third-annual Bloomberg Equality Summit. This preeminent forum for corporate executives and thought leaders, anchored in a full-day conference, will foster forward-looking conversations and spotlight influential leaders who are paving the way to advance equality.

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March 25 - Wednesday

8:00 am

Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00 am

Welcome Remarks

9:10 am

Leaders Paving the Path for Inclusion

As more companies commit to bridging the gender gap, how can promises be transformed into meaningful steps forward? And how can these advances be tracked and assessed? We bring together senior leaders of companies who are members of the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for a wide-ranging conversation about impactful ways to promote diversity and inclusion in the corporate world, and the challenges they face in doing so.


9:35 am

Women on Boards in Focus

With higher female participation in corporate leadership, businesses have shown to perform better on a number of indicators. In light of convincing evidence for having more women on boards and continued under-representation, we bring together leaders, mentors and other agents for change that have been pioneers in this field.


9:55 am

Destigmatizing Mental Health in the Workplace

One in 5 U.S. adults experienced mental illness in 2018, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. As mental health enters the public consciousness, how can companies do more to support their employees?


10:20 am

LGBTQ Protections in Peril: What Will the Courts Decide?

From legal challenges to scale down same sex marriage to legislative efforts that target transgender people, members of the LGBT community often feel their rights are under attack. In this candid conversation activists, legal scholars and corporate leaders discuss the challenges LGBT rights are facing and the best ways to support them inside and outside of the workplace.


  • Alphonso David

    President, Human Rights Campaign

  • Ann Mukherjee

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Pernod Ricard North America

  • Brad Sears

    David Sanders Distinguished Scholar of Law & Policy, Williams Institute and Associate Dean of Public Interest Law, UCLA School of Law

10:45 am

Networking Break

11:15 am

Peer to Peer: In Conversation with Ruth Porat

Financier and philanthropist David Rubenstein, The Carlyle Group Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman, sits down for a live taping with the Chief Financial Officer of Alphabet and Google to explore successful leadership through the personal and professional choices of one of the most influential women in business.


  • Ruth Porat

    Chief Financial Officer, Alphabet and Google


11:50 am

Criminal Justice Reform

The U.S. leads other developed countries when it comes to incarceration with more than 2.2 million prisoners, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. As bipartisan support grows for criminal justice reform, where should the government focus its efforts? Also, where can corporate America lead on efforts to incorporate those formerly incarcerated back into the workforce? We’ll discuss this and more.


  • Jenny Kim

    Deputy General Counsel and Vice President for Public Policy, Koch Industries

  • Michael Novogratz

    Founder and CEO, Galaxy Digital Capital Management

12:35 pm

Networking Lunch, Going All In: In Conversation with Sheila C. Johnson

In a one-on-one conversation with entrepreneur and philanthropist Sheila C. Johnson, we will have a frank discussion about the unwritten rules of business and inspirational anecdotes on critical moments in her career — challenges faced and victories won. We’ll tackle leading with authenticity, and whether female leaders can truly bring their whole self to work and influence a corporate culture in doing so. We’ll discuss her lessons in leadership and how they can serve as a blueprint for creating an inclusive environment as well as attracting and developing the next generation of leaders.
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1:55 pm

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Decrease Bias in Hiring

Companies are deploying artificial intelligence technology in health care, customer service, smart home devices and finance, but also increasingly to assist in the hiring process. What steps must be taken we ensure this emerging technology is free of bias? We discuss the current and looming risks and opportunities.


  • Deb Bubb

    HR Vice President and Chief Leadership, Learning & Inclusion Officer, IBM

  • Deborah Raji

    Technology Fellow, AI Now Institute, New York University

  • Daniel Yanisse

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Checkr

2:35 pm

Leveling the Playing Field: The Fight for Equal Pay Continues

The gender pay gap is real and shows no signs of abating. In 2019, women earned 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, according to PayScale. This does not take into account intersectionality, as black and Hispanic women earn considerably less. Can professional sports or entertainment lead the way in highlighting inequities and closing the gender pay gap? What can companies do to monitor and fix inequities in pay? What are the long-term ramifications for women, their families and society if these disparities continue?

3:00 pm

Changing the Narrative in Media and Entertainment

Despite more women and people of color on television, these groups remain underrepresented in leading roles, directing and writing, according to the Hollywood Diversity Report by UCLA. We’ll discuss how to increase representation of diverse voices in media, entertainment and advertising and how these powerful industries influence behaviors and perceptions.


3:50 pm

Networking Break

4:20 pm

The Black Wealth Gap: Presentation


  • Darrick Hamilton

    Executive Director, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, The Ohio State University

4:35 pm

The Black Wealth Gap

Median black households have ten percent of the wealth of comparable white households, according to the Duke University Samuel Dubois Cook Center on Social Equity. And while black Americans comprise thirteen percent of the population, they hold less than three percent of its wealth. As wealth inequality becomes a top Presidential campaign issue, which what is the role of government and the private sector in closing the racial wealth gap.


5:20 pm

Networking and Cocktail Reception


Deb Bubb

HR Vice President and Chief Leadership, Learning & Inclusion Officer IBM

Alphonso David

President Human Rights Campaign

Lule Demmissie

President Ally Invest

Joel Goh

Visiting Scholar, Technology and Operations Management Unit Harvard Business School

Mindy Grossman

Chief Executive Officer WW

Darrick Hamilton

Executive Director, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity The Ohio State University

Lorraine Hariton

Chief Executive Officer Catalyst

Stephanie C. Hill

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Transformation Lockheed Martin

Sheila C. Johnson

Salamander Hotels & Resorts Founder and CEO

Sekou Kaalund

Head of Advancing Black Pathways JPMorgan Chase

Francine Katsoudas

Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer Cisco

The Honorable Patrick J. Kennedy

Former US Representative (D-RI) The Kennedy Forum Founder

Jenny Kim

Deputy General Counsel and Vice President for Public Policy Koch Industries

Debra Martin Chase

CEO Martin Chase Productions

Ann Mukherjee

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Pernod Ricard North America

Michael Novogratz

Founder and CEO Galaxy Digital Capital Management

Sheryl Palmer

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Taylor Morrison Home Corporation

Ruth Porat

Chief Financial Officer Alphabet and Google

Deborah Raji

Technology Fellow AI Now Institute, New York University

David M. Rubenstein

Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman The Carlyle Group

Brad Sears

David Sanders Distinguished Scholar of Law & Policy, Williams Institute and Associate Dean of Public Interest Law UCLA School of Law

NV “Tiger” Tyagarajan

President and CEO Genpact

Darrin Williams

Chief Executive Officer Southern Bancorp

Daniel Yanisse

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Checkr

Past Speakers

On Site Interviews

Marie Giese, Writer and Director
The Honorable Sly James, Mayor, Kansas City
Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G
Jameela Jamil, Actress, Host, Activist and Founder, I Weigh
Rebecca Kantor, Founder & CEO, Imbellus
Sarah Harden, CEO, Hello Sunshine


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