New York City | May 2-3, 2017

Breakaway CEO

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The Breakaway community is united by a shared purpose to achieve breakthrough performance. The Breakaway Summit is a gathering point for the community to acquire new strategies, skills, and perspectives that can transform their organizations, while building the peer relationships that make them more effective leaders.

May 2 - Tuesday

6:00 pm

Opening Cocktail Reception and Dinner


  • Carol Massar

    Co-Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek on Bloomberg Television and Radio, Bloomberg

7:00 pm

The E-Commerce Equation With Michael G. Rubin

Online retail lets businesses reach customers around the world, allowing for growth that was once unimaginable. However, the rise of e-commerce has led to stiff competition and pricing pressures. What's a consumer-facing company to do?

Michael G. Rubin is an online retail pioneer who built an e-commerce empire based on the belief that the online sales industry is just getting started. He'll speak to his optimism about the future of online retail and his vision for growth for Fanatics and the other Kynetic brands; as well as what he sees as the biggest challenges and opportunities for the American commercial enterprise in the next year.


  • David Gura

    Co-anchor, "Bloomberg Markets Americas" & "Bloomberg Surveillance", Bloomberg


7:45 pm

The Business of Winning: A Bloomberg Businessweek Debrief With Robert K. Kraft

One of the most successful owners in professional sports, Robert K. Kraft knows how to win -- and keep winning. His New England Patriots have delivered five Super Bowl championships since 2002. What's the secret to that kind of consistent success? Kraft joins us for a wide-ranging discussion about what it takes to build a winning team that lasts, his passion for philanthropy, his close friendship with President Donald Trump (even though Kraft is a life-long Democrat), and much more.



May 3 - Wednesday

7:30 am

Registration and Networking Breakfast

8:30 am

Welcome Remarks


  • Carol Massar

    Co-Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek on Bloomberg Television and Radio, Bloomberg

8:35 am

Executive Spotlight: Building a Growth Company for the Future with Steve Case

As co-founder of America Online, Steve Case helped make the internet part of everyday life. Now at Revolution LLC, Case and his partners invest in visionary entrepreneurs to create innovative new businesses as he believes we are at the dawn of the next technological revolution, one that will have far reaching consequences for the economy that we are just starting to see. Case discusses what it takes to build a growth company and offers the advice he gives leaders who are investing in innovation and creating the next disruption.


  • Carol Massar

    Co-Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek on Bloomberg Television and Radio, Bloomberg


9:00 am

The Battle to Be Number One: A Conversation with Marc Lore

Since selling to Walmart, Marc Lore has married an aggressive style with Walmart's deep pockets to position the retail giant as the number 2 online retailer by sales in the United States. While they have a long way to go to unseat No. 1, there are early signs that Lore's leadership is paying off. He'll speak to what's it like to take on Amazon... twice, and what he sees as the biggest opportunities and challenges for e-commerce.


  • Brad Stone

    Senior Executive Editor, Global Tech; Sooner Than You Think Editorial Co-Chair, Bloomberg


  • Marc Lore

    President and CEO, Walmart U.S. eCommerce

9:25 am

Managing Through the Headlines with Robert L. Nardelli

During tumultuous periods, outside forces and oppositional voices can knock off track even the most seasoned CEO. In this candid conversation with legendary executive Robert L. Nardelli, we'll hear from him about how to stay on message and on track with employees, board members, and shareholders during turbulent times.


  • Carol Massar

    Co-Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek on Bloomberg Television and Radio, Bloomberg


9:50 am

In Case of Emergency: Crisis Management with Judy A. Smith

You never think a crisis or a scandal will happen at your company--until it does. How leadership handles a crisis when it arises sets the tone for shareholders, employees and the public, and may determine a company's future. Judy A. Smith is a crisis management expert with clients including Fortune 500 companies, sports stars, celebrities and politicians. She's also the inspiration for the lead character in the hit ABC television show Scandal. Smith discusses how CEOs can prepare to handle the inevitable crisis before it hits; what to do in the middle of the storm; and the key lessons to be learned from the crises that have befallen other companies.



10:10 am

Networking Break

10:30 am

Breakaway Workshops

Outside of main-stage sessions, participants will break into workshops where they'll move beyond the buzzwords and dive deep into innovative growth strategies with top management experts and practitioners. These hands-on, immersive experiences will allow participants to work together and create solutions to succeed in today's disruptive business environment. Outputs from these workshops will be summarized and published following the summit.

The Digital CEO
Facilitator: Mark Bonchek
Sponsored by: Zebra Technologies

Every company leader today is thinking about digital transformation, whether how to create digital experiences, embrace the Internet of Things or fully utilize tools such as analytics or AI. Digital transformation is about building an intelligent enterprise from the inside out. It's a new model of growth, as platforms turn the incremental into the exponential; a new way to gain visibility into your operations by connecting the physical to the digital; and a new way to engage customers, especially as social media turns consumers into co-creators. This challenges the way we lead, govern and manage. To truly transform, you have to go beyond changing what you do, to changing how you think. In this session, you will discover how a digital mindset can accelerate growth, deepen engagement and energize culture.

AI and Social Impact
Facilitator: Ayanna Howard
Sponsored by: Hitachi

Artificial intelligence tools can help your business collect and analyze more data than ever while reducing labor costs and improving the customer experience. AI already is transforming how many businesses and industries function, from medical providers diagnosing and treating diseases to financial professionals managing complex portfolios. But as more companies deploy artificial intelligence, they must be aware of the implications and unintended consequences of leveraging the technology. What is the social impact of AI? What happens when AI goes rogue -- such as a privacy invasion or misuse of private data? This workshop will focus on how you prepare to successfully implement artificial intelligence and avoid the pitfalls, from the merely annoying to the disastrous.

Leveraging the Finance Department for Growth
Facilitator: Lisa Kaplowitz

The CFO is a valuable business partner, but are you maximizing the value of the CFO office by using finance to help guide strategic decision making? Regardless of the stage in the product life cycle, CEOs grapple with the same question: Is our company growing as quickly and efficiently as it could? Your CFO can help, from tracking the key metrics that drive the business to developing compensation structures that link to the tactical execution of the strategy. This workshop is for those who want to maximize the CEO-CFO partnership and create a framework for measuring success and linking compensation to the bottom line.

These Kids Today: Strategies for a New Workforce
Facilitator: Anna Liotta

Millennials are well on their way to dominating the labor market. By 2025, they will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce, according to a Brookings Institution study. As a result, businesses must create innovative ways to attract and retain talent for a cohort whose characteristics and expectations contrast greatly from previous Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. Millennials are known job hoppers, switching jobs at twice the rate of previous generations in their first five years in the workplace, according to a LinkedIn study. This means higher recruiting and training costs and also inhibits knowledge transfer. This workshop will highlight strategies for creating the workplace of the future that appeals to Millennials but does not alienate other workers.

11:45 am

Networking Lunch

1:10 pm

Welcome Back

1:20 pm

In Conversation with U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross

The 39th United States Secretary of Commerce sits down with Bloomberg's David Gura for a live, televised interview.

* Please note: Doors will close at 1:10 pm. No one will be allowed to enter or exit once Secretary Ross arrives and is seated.


  • David Gura

    Co-anchor, "Bloomberg Markets Americas" & "Bloomberg Surveillance", Bloomberg


1:45 pm

Workforce Evolution in the Age of A.I. and Machine Learning: A Conversation with Cathy Engelbert

Key segments of the American workforce are undergoing a paradigmatic shift threatening to disrupt corporate growth. Long-term skilled workers are retiring and a new generation of workers often favor change over stability. Add in technological advances such as AI and an increasing reliance on data and analytics and the workplace is undergoing more change today than any other time in recent history.

Cathy Engelbert, CEO of Deloitte will discuss how CEOs can balance these changes while keeping skilled workers engaged and customers and shareholders happy.


  • Carol Massar

    Co-Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek on Bloomberg Television and Radio, Bloomberg


2:00 pm

Thinking Digitally

How a company innovates is central to its success--whether it's bringing legacy systems up to date through IT investment in next-gen tools or finding ways to create strategic partnerships that allow non-competitors to share data. Meet the CEO whisperers whose job it is to formulate and implement growth strategies.


  • Brad Stone

    Senior Executive Editor, Global Tech; Sooner Than You Think Editorial Co-Chair, Bloomberg


2:10 pm

Bloomberg Intelligence: What You Should Know About H-1B

Breaking down the implications of new H1B visa rules and what they mean for your business.


  • Brad Stone

    Senior Executive Editor, Global Tech; Sooner Than You Think Editorial Co-Chair, Bloomberg

2:50 pm

Cybersecurity: Staying Ahead of the Hackers

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges facing a CEO today. While hacks can be damaging to customer and employee trust, other breaches like malware can be financially fatal to even the strongest of companies. But cybersecurity can be costly, especially when hackers always seem to be one step ahead. This panel of industry leaders will discuss the biggest threats and the right investments to keep your company and information safe.

3:20 pm

Networking Break

3:45 pm

CEO Roundtable

Three CEOs from diverse industries such as financial, healthcare technology and manufacturing will share their thoughts on the current business environment, challenges they see ahead, how to grow a business and the biggest issues facing CEOs today. In this wide-ranging conversation, CEOs Margaret Keane of Synchrony Financial, Brent Shafer of Philips North America and Rob Mionis of Celestica will discuss lessons they learned growing their businesses and thoughts on successfully managing companies.


  • David Gura

    Co-anchor, "Bloomberg Markets Americas" & "Bloomberg Surveillance", Bloomberg


4:30 pm

The Growth Trifecta

Capital strategy, corporate governance and workforce development: these are three of the most important considerations if you're looking to grow through PE investment. Banking and investment experts take you through what they see as the most important things you can be doing to better position your company for growth.


5:00 pm

Executive Spotlight: The Final Word with Peter T. Grauer and Brian Moynihan

The Bloomberg chairman and the Bank of America chief talk about the current state of American business and the role of the board of directors in helping companies achieve growth.


  • David Gura

    Co-anchor, "Bloomberg Markets Americas" & "Bloomberg Surveillance", Bloomberg


5:30 pm

Networking Cocktail Reception


Michael R. Bloomberg

Founder, Bloomberg L.P. & Bloomberg Philanthropies, and Three-Term Mayor of New York City

Tracey Brown

Sam's Club SVP and Chief Member Officer

Steve Case

Revolution LLC Chairman and CEO

John Chambers

Cisco Executive Chairman

Mark Chancy

SunTrust Banks, Inc. Vice Chairman

Nicole Eagan

Darktrace CEO

Cathy Engelbert

Deloitte CEO

Rick Goings

Tupperware Brands Corporation Chairman and CEO

Peter T. Grauer

Bloomberg L.P. Chairman

Arlette Hart

FBI Chief Information Security Officer

Fred Hochberg

Export-Import Bank of the United States Chairman and President

Margaret Keane

Synchrony Financial President and CEO

Robert K. Kraft

The Kraft Group Founder, Chairman and CEO

John Launchbury

DARPA Director of the Information Innovation Office

Marc Lore

Walmart U.S. eCommerce President and CEO

Carol Massar

Bloomberg Co-Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek on Bloomberg Television and Radio

James Metcalf

USG Corporation Chairman, President and CEO

John Micklethwait

Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief

Mark Miller

Bloomberg Live Global Editor

Rob Mionis

Celestica President and CEO

Brian Moynihan

Bank of America CEO

Robert L. Nardelli

XLR-8, LLC Founder

Charles Phillips

Infor CEO

Hilton Romanski

Cisco Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Wilbur L. Ross, Jr.

United States Secretary of Commerce

Michael G. Rubin

Fanatics Founder and Executive Chairman

Judy A. Smith

Smith & Company President

Brad Stone

Bloomberg Senior Executive Editor, Global Tech; Sooner Than You Think Editorial Co-Chair

Melanie Whelan

SoulCycle CEO

David Gura

Bloomberg Co-anchor, "Bloomberg Markets Americas" & "Bloomberg Surveillance"

Megan Murphy

Bloomberg Businessweek Editor

Bloomberg Breakaway 2018

Our theme for Breakaway 2018 is the Paradox of Leadership. We normally think of paradox as requiring a tradeoff between competing objectives. But Breakaway leaders are able to transcend these tradeoffs. They turn the OR into an AND, and in so doing, outpace the competition with exponential results. Today’s Breakaway leaders are able to operate globally and locally, achieve speed and scale, standardize and customize, be high-tech and high-touch, be purpose-driven and profit-minded, and honor the past while they create the future.