February 25, 2020 | Singapore

The Future of Banking

Fintech start-ups and super-apps are fighting banks for customers across all service areas. But banks aren’t giving up so easily – they must find innovative ways to defend themselves

“We need banking. We don’t need banks anymore.” When Bill Gates made the prediction two decades ago, the controversial statement struck fear in the hearts and minds of bankers. Two decades later, we examine if traditional banks are being displaced, diminished or disintermediated. Fintech start-ups and super-apps are fighting banks for customers across all service areas. But banks aren’t giving up so easily – they must find innovative ways to defend themselves. Join Bloomberg at The Future of Banking as we bring bankers, disruptors and their partners together to predict what kind of industry will emerge after the coming decade of disruption.

February 25 - Tuesday

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Spotlight Interview: Blurred Lines

With super-apps launching virtual banks, the lines between finance, retail and tech companies are blurring. Can tech giants and brick-and-mortar banks co-exist? The head of Grab Financial Group shares his future plans.


  • Reuben Lai

    Senior Managing Director, Grab Financial Group

In conversation with

6:25 pm

Banking in the 2030s

The banks of the future will be unrecognizable to the ones we have today. Incumbent banks are responding to strong outside competition by disrupting their own business models. How will this wave of disruption play out in the next decade? Where will we be in 2030?


In conversation with

  • Diksha Gera

    Senior Analyst, Asia Financials, Bloomberg Intelligence

6:50 pm

New Partnerships

VISA and GoPay are collaborating to change the face of banking and personal finance. We sit down with the CEO of GoPay and the APAC President of VISA to find out how they are innovating together.


In conversation with

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Haslinda Amin

Anchor Bloomberg Television

Sutapa Amornvivat

CEO SCB Abacus

Chris Clark

Regional President, Asia Pacific Visa

Diksha Gera

Senior Analyst, Asia Financials Bloomberg Intelligence

Aldi Haryopratomo


Reuben Lai

Senior Managing Director Grab Financial Group

Bin Ru Tan

CEO OneConnect Financial Technology

Likhit Wagle

General Manager Financial Services Sector IBM Asia Pacific


With the rise of exponential technologies – such as AI, blockchain, IoT, 5G – and their convergence with social and regulatory forces, a new era of business reinvention is dawning.

Banks need to redefine banking by embracing market platforms and ecosystems, delivering extreme customer convenience, reimagining operating models while radically reducing costs.

IBM is partnering with leading financial institutions to build future-ready banks. Consider this:

  • IBM is developing world’s first Financial Services-Ready Public Cloud, addressing specific requirements for regulatory compliance, security and resiliency
  • 70B+ security events monitored per day by IBM
  • 10 out of 10 world’s largest banks are supported by IBM Services
  • 90% of global credit card transactions take place on IBM integrated systems
  • IBM + Red Hat has the broadest, deepest public, private & Hybrid Cloud portfolio
  • 100% of commercial banks in the Fortune Global 500 rely on Red Hat

Discover how IBM is helping banks to modernize and be future-ready here

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