September 3, 2020 | Singapore

Sooner Than You Think

Bloomberg’s Sooner Than You Think technology summit will return to Singapore to explore where our relationship with technology is heading, where the money will flow, and how it will solve large, global problems.

Change is coming.
Sooner than you think.

Technology is poised to help solve the biggest problems of our time, from climate change, to mega-urbanization and ageing populations. Yet, public sentiment of the industry is on a downturn – governments, corporations and the public now fully understand that ubiquitous technology is a doubleedged sword. Join Bloomberg at the Sooner Than You Think technology summit in Singapore as we bring together investors, politicians and chief executives to explore where our relationship with technology is heading, where the money will flow, and how it will solve large, global problems.

September 3 - Thursday

8:00 am

Registration Opens and Welcome Refreshments

8:55 am

Welcoming Remarks

9:00 am

Tech Investing 2021

Leading private equity and venture capital investors reveal the sectors and companies they are putting their money into in the year ahead.

9:25 am

The Great Decoupling

While China and the US are coming to together on trade, they are moving further apart on technology. We predict the global implications of a silicon curtain between the two superpowers

9:50 am

Next Edge of Innovation

Southeast Asia has become major hub of global technology, breaking new ground in food, transport, and smart cities. We look at what’s next for the region and debate the future of regional innovation.

10:15 am

Spotlight Interview

We sit down with an innovative technology CEO.

10:35 am

Networking Break

11:05 am

Capital Excess

In 2019 an excess of capital inflated valuations and led to the spectacular decline of some high-profile startups. How can we sustain the right balance between money and innovation?

11:30 am

The Future of the Unicorn

Unicorns are becoming less glamorous as existing ones get into trouble. What does this mean for tech start-ups and their investors?

11:55 am

Big Tech Backlash

Societal attitudes to technology are shifting. Policy-makers all over the world are starting to react. How will this policy response push the global technology industry to change?

12:20 pm

Interview Spotlight

We sit down with a major technology investor.

12:40 pm

Networking Lunch

Solving Mega Trends
The afternoon sessions focus on four of the greatest problems facing humanity in the next decade. How will technology provide the solutions?

1:40 pm

Climate change and sustainability

2:05 pm

New mobility

2:30 pm

Data and privacy

2:55 pm

Cities and mega-urbanization

3:20 pm

Closing Remarks

Participation is by invitation only.

To request an invitation or inquire for more details, please email