Singapore | 6 September 2018

Sooner Than You Think

By 2050, 75 percent of the world’s population will live in cities, many in massive megalopolises spanning vast geographies. Well-managed, this urbanization will turbo-charge national economic development. Poorly planned, it will be a huge drag on growth for decades.

Change is coming. Sooner than you think.

The key to ensuring strong economic development goes hand-in-hand with urbanization is smart cities – urban environments employing the latest technologies within an overarching strategy to create a seamless flow of people, information and resources. More than the sum of individual technologies, the smartest cities are powerful centers of innovation helping solve the world’s greatest challenges, creating new industries, expanding economic prosperity and improving the lives of billions of people.

Join Bloomberg at Sooner Than You Think to hear top city leaders, the smartest thinkers and global technology executives provide new insight into how the latest innovations in mobility, big data, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, cyber-security and environmental and economic sustainability are bringing tomorrow’s smart cities closer to reality.

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