November 6 | San Francisco

The Future of Investing:
Capitalizing on Growth and Innovation

The 2018 Future of Investing series finale is in San Francisco this year, with a closer look at growth and innovation and how they impact markets and the economy. The global economy is evolving to become more and more tech centric, and while Silicon Valley is leading the charge, the growth story is not just a tech story, but broad-based across many sectors. Through leading voices on the topic, investors will get a better understanding of what’s happening across our economy, which areas of business and emerging technologies are having the most influence, and where markets are in the growth cycle and how to capitalize on the investments of tomorrow.

November 6 - Tuesday

8:00 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:00 am

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9:05 am

Opening Remarks


9:10 am

Growth vs. Value: What Comes Next?

One of the burning questions in today’s market is when the value trade will finally come back in favor. But, as we’ve seen over the last year growth stocks to no avail continue to lead on the back of prominent names in the Nasdaq 100. While many point to these companies offering better earning growth prospects, growth’s outperformance over value peers is not just a tech story, but broad-based across many sectors. We’ll gather investors to discuss where we go from here and how they each uniquely define value. Given the recent dominance in growth, what catalysts could turn the value trade around? And in a market where rates are rising and inflationary pressures are accelerating, which value stocks & sectors look attractive?


  • Mark Lehmann

    President, JMP Securities

  • Omar Aguilar

    Senior Vice President & Chief Investment Officer, Equities and Multi-Asset Strategies, Charles Schwab Investment Management

  • Carol Schleif

    Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Abbot Downing


9:40 am

Presentation Bloomberg Intelligence: Where Innovation is Happening Across Sectors

Technology is having a ubiquitous impact on all sectors of business and understanding how the world is changing and which companies are embracing that change, could spell success or failure for today’s investments. Through in-depth analysis and data sets on industries and companies Bloomberg Intelligence will give you a closer look at where innovation is moving, and which emerging technologies are having the biggest impact on the companies and industries you’ve investing in.


  • Jitendra Waral

    Head of Internet and Consumer Electronics, Bloomberg Intelligence

10:00 am

Spotlight: Connecting Businesses and the World

With a focus on IoT, we’ll enlighten today’s investors as to how one Silicon Valley corporation is helping businesses, large and small, unlock growth and navigate a digital world. In order to draw conclusions on the future of investment, one must begin to think differently about the impact emerging tech will have on everything from the economy, to industries, and the end consumer.


  • Maciej Kranz

    Vice President, Corporate Strategic Innovation Group, Cisco


10:20 am

The Evolution of an Economy

For today’s investors, a better understanding of how the future of work, business, and the economy is evolving to be more tech centric may be best understood through a number of lenses. From the view of the world’s leading large-cap growth index, an economist tracking insights through data, and a strategist’s understanding of where investors are putting their money, we’ll look to gain insights of how things are evolving, in order to have a better understanding of what’s to come.



10:50 am

Closing Remarks


11:00 am

Event Concludes


Selina Wang

Bloomberg News Reporter

Joel Brunk

Invesco Regional Director

Mark Lehmann

JMP Securities President

Omar Aguilar

Charles Schwab Investment Management Senior Vice President & Chief Investment Officer, Equities and Multi-Asset Strategies

Carol Schleif

Abbot Downing Deputy Chief Investment Officer

John Gittelsohn

Bloomberg News Reporter

Jitendra Waral

Bloomberg Intelligence Head of Internet and Consumer Electronics

Maciej Kranz

Cisco Vice President, Corporate Strategic Innovation Group

Nico Grant

Bloomberg Reporter

John Frank

Invesco QQQ Strategist

Dave Gedeon

Nasdaq Global Indexes Vice President and Head of Research and Product Development

Emily Glassberg Sands

Coursera Head of Data Science


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