October 29-30, 2019 | New York

Sooner Than You Think


The Path Forward for Tech

Breakthroughs like 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the internet of things are upending the way we live, work and play. They also present the technology industry with both opportunity and obligation. How do disruptors foster innovation while also ensuring that its benefits are shared widely and equitably? How can Silicon Valley use the rivers of digital data gathered on its platforms to improve lives and build businesses while also preventing privacy loss, threats to civil discourse and a widening of social, racial and economic divisions?

October 29 - Tuesday

6:30 pm

Special Session: Dinner and Evening Program

The Power of Data: Sooner Than You Think

Proudly sponsored by IDA Ireland

On October 29 from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm, Bloomberg presents an exclusive dinner and evening program to kickoff Bloomberg’s global technology conference, Sooner Than You Think, The Path Forward for Tech.
The age of big data is upon us. Data provides insight into consumers’ actions and attitudes and holds the power to transform industries. Data has the potential to drive real change beyond business – from combating ocean pollution to aiding medical breakthroughs. How do we separate hype from reality regarding big data? How can your company leverage data to solve problems and positively impact the world?
The stakes are high. As companies collect infinite amounts of consumer data, what is the responsibility to protect sensitive data for the public good? Where do we draw the line?
The Power of Data: Sooner Than You Think will convene leaders on the front lines grappling with these issues and taking action to move the technology industry forward.
Limited seating is available for this exclusive dinner and program. Separate registration is required. To inquire about attending, email us at blive@bloomberg.net.


  • Noelle Eder

    Chief Information and Digital Officer, Hilton

  • Caroline Hyde

    Anchor, Bloomberg Television

  • Harry Moseley

    Chief Information Officer, Zoom

  • Andy Ozment

    Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Technology Risk, Goldman Sachs

  • DJ Patil

    First U.S. Chief Data Scientist & Head of Technology, Devoted Health

  • Wendy Schmidt

    President of The Schmidt Family Foundation and Co-founder, Schmidt Ocean Institute

  • Mandeep Singh

    Senior Analyst Technology, Bloomberg L.P.

October 30 - Wednesday

8:00 am

Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00 am



  • Caroline Hyde

    Anchor, Bloomberg Television

  • Brad Stone

    Senior Executive Editor, Global Tech; Sooner Than You Think Editorial Co-Chair, Bloomberg

9:05 am

The Role of Technology in Society

9:25 am

Unleashing Opportunities: Innovation with a Sustainability Focus

The quest for new markets and revenue streams while also confronting some of the most pressing issues of our time, from climate change to inequality, amplify the need for innovative and sustainable solutions that boost the bottom line while also serving society. What is the strategic framework for identifying and implementing these solutions? What are the biggest trends at the intersection of technology and sustainability?


  • Alexa Dembek

    Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer, DuPont

  • Vince Digneo

    Sustainability Strategist & Global Head of Sustainability, Adobe

9:45 am

Top Tech Trends to Watch

We’ll highlight the trends and industries prominent venture capitalists are investing in now.


10:05 am

How to Prevent a Data Breach

We’ll discuss the best ways to protect your data and systems in the age of rampant cybersecurity attacks.


10:25 am

Networking Break

10:55 am

The Next Wave in Retail

We’ll discuss how Verishop positions itself as the anti-Amazon.


11:15 am

The Role of Government in Data Privacy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been hailed as the most important change in data privacy in the past two decades. Should the U.S. create a single and comprehensive standard? How will the California Consumer Privacy Act, which goes into effect in January 2020, impact the urgency for a comprehensive standard?


11:35 am

The Evolution of Foursquare

We’ll discuss Foursquare’s evolution, how the company uses customer data responsibly and the future of location-based technology.


11:55 am

Privacy-Focused Product Design

We’ll discuss how to construct an internet and internet of things that are not based on collecting data and surveillance.


12:15 pm

Networking Lunch

1:30 pm

Artificial Intelligence: Reality vs Hype

We’ll separate the facts from fiction regarding artificial intelligence and how companies can leverage this emerging technology for a competitive advantage.


2:10 pm

Spotting a Deepfake Video

We’ll discuss the prevalence of deepfake videos and how this technology can be used to manipulate the public. How can we detect false content?


2:30 pm

Protecting Democracy: Counting Down to 2020

A frank discussion on the vulnerabilities of our electoral system and what must be done to protect the integrity of the upcoming presidential election.


2:50 pm

Networking Break

3:20 pm

Disrupting Real Estate


4:00 pm

The Future of Mobility

We’ll discuss how the ridesharing service Via works with cities to create affordable transportation options that reduce congestion and emissions.


5:00 pm

Networking and Cocktail Reception


Shamir Allibhai

CEO & Founder Amber Video

Michael Beckerman

President and CEO Internet Association

Mignon L. Clyburn

Former FCC Commissioner MLC Strategies, LLC Principal

Alexa Dembek

Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer DuPont

Vince Digneo

Sustainability Strategist & Global Head of Sustainability Adobe

Noelle Eder

Chief Information and Digital Officer Hilton

Andrew Farah

Founder & CEO Density

Jamil Farshchi

Chief Information Security Officer Equifax

Jeff Glueck

CEO Foursquare

Megan Gray

General Counsel and Head of Policy DuckDuckGo

Natalie Hwang

Managing Director Head of Simon Ventures

Caroline Hyde

Anchor Bloomberg Television

Imran Kahn

Co-Founder & CEO Verishop

Brittany Kaiser

Co-Founder Digital Asset Trade Association

George Kurtz

CEO & Co-Founder CrowdStrike

Harry Moseley

Chief Information Officer Zoom

Andrew Ng

Founder & CEO Landing AI

Andy Ozment

Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Technology Risk Goldman Sachs

DJ Patil

First U.S. Chief Data Scientist & Head of Technology Devoted Health

Daniel Ramot

Co-Founder & CEO Via

Robert Reffkin

Founder & CEO Compass

Brian Schimpf

Co-Founder and CEO Anduril Industries

Wendy Schmidt

President of The Schmidt Family Foundation and Co-founder Schmidt Ocean Institute

Mandeep Singh

Senior Analyst Technology Bloomberg L.P.

Brad Stone

Senior Executive Editor, Global Tech; Sooner Than You Think Editorial Co-Chair Bloomberg

Georgia Weidman

Founder & Chief Technology Officer Shevirah

Elizabeth Zalman

Co-Founder & CEO strongDM


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