September 13, 2018 | New York

The Value of Data:
How Emerging Technologies are Redefining our Future

Emerging data collection technologies are giving business and society the power we need to understand the present and fuel the future. Whether it’s the ability to reduce air pollution by measuring traffic patterns, tracking a supply chain between companies and across borders, or the tapping into intelligent systems to unlock actionable insights and personal benefits, data is impacting every aspect of our economy, businesses, and personal lives. Through the lens of emerging technologies like IoT, Blockchain and more, we’ll examine how data is becoming the world’s most valuable asset, making innovation possible and transforming the way we make decisions for the future.

September 13 - Thursday

8:00 am

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Welcome Remarks


  • Carol Massar

    Co-Anchor Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Television and Radio

9:05 am

Fireside Chat


  • Mike Cordano

    President and Chief Operating Officer, Western Digital


  • Carol Massar

    Co-Anchor Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Television and Radio

9:15 am

Data Explosion Driving The Next Frontier of Consumer IOT

Whether it’s smart homes, cars or wearables the Internet of Things has invaded our daily lives and will play an important role in our future. With the IoT market expected to reach $1.7 trillion by 2020, the ability for intelligent systems to parse through the explosion of personal data effectively will define the next wave of disruption, challenges and opportunities. In order to uncover how vast data sets will be further utilized and monetized, we’ll explore how the role of voice technology is evolving, AI is driving more personalization, and game changing legislation like GDPR affects innovation by challenging companies to put the power of data back in the consumers’ hands.



9:45 am

Data Philanthropy and Data For Social Good

Private companies capture and hold the vast majority of data, using it to drive smarter and faster business decisions, but what they may not realize is that the data they are using for one purpose may actually be able to serve a myriad of others. Social impact organizations often lack the capacity, time, and resources to use data and technology to their benefit. Investigations into optimization and increased efficiency are on wish lists that get pushed aside and their attention is typically focused on delivering the necessary services to allow their organization to run successfully. Among the companies at the forefront, there is no set standard for corporate data philanthropy. As more organizations look to join the fold, it’s vital that Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives build a community within the space to increase their impact by collaborating and by sharing their varied approaches, and lessons learned. We'll garner insights from global leaders on the importance of joining the data philanthropy movement, how to address issues about what’s holding us back, and where companies can donate data and resources to help solve global challenges.



  • Victoria Cerullo

    Director of Strategy and Engagement in the Data Analytics & Integration Division, Bloomberg LP

10:15 am

Augmented Reality: Applying the Next Layer of Value

In the age of data overload, augmented reality is allowing us to interact with complex data in more natural and understandable ways than ever before. This helps us communicate insights faster and the technology has far reaching advantages for businesses and consumers, beyond just entertainment. From education and training, to simulative problem solving, and creating a digital alternate of your business reality and its risks we'll feature a leader who can give us a look at the landscape in which industry is putting this technology to work.



10:40 am

Networking Break

11:00 am

Blockchain: The New Solution to Old Problems

Some believe Blockchain will do for humanity what the internet did for information.
Blockchain could tackle the oceans plastic pollution problem, enable two billion unbanked people in the world to climb their way out of poverty and corporations like Walmart and Dole could reduce food borne illnesses by cutting the time it takes to track food packages from weeks to seconds.
The possibilities are endless, but are they realistic? While decentralized technology like Blockchain has a lot of potential, it still has a long way to go. Some say its vast adoption will depend on a multitude of companies adopting it or for government entity’s to require companies to use this technology. We’ll explore its future opportunities, current flaws and limitations, and the emerging use cases in order to consider what kinds of value will be created.



11:35 am

Bloomberg Intelligence Presentation


11:50 am

Driverless Cars Run on Data Not Gasoline

Connectivity, mapping and automation are transforming the auto industry and it won’t be long before self-driving cars go from being a news headline to being the norm. Implementing smart transportation on a broad scale will create promising societal and economic opportunities; new car manufacturing designs, improvement of America’s infrastructure and a more productive commute for passengers. But before these dreams become reality, technology still has a long way to go. Concerns about the cyber security of connected cars and reliability are major hurdles companies still have to overcome before the public will trust autonomous cars.
From mapping data to navigate roads and avoid obstacles to producing data from cameras, sonar and GPS systems, we’ll take a look at how companies are generating vast amounts of data. We’ll talk to innovators in the industry to explore how this data will be used to decode the environment and improve self-driving car functionality, security and connectivity to reinvent the transportation industry.



12:20 pm

Augmented Intelligence: Coming to a City Near You

Imagine a world where you never had to look for a parking spot in a crowded city again, or fire fighters equipped with AR helmets would be guided with real-time sensor data, graphic visuals and audio through smoke, fire and rubble to save lives. As technology continues to mature enhancements in artificial intelligence and IoT combined with massive amounts of real time data is the fuel to bring Augmented Cognition to the public sector. In the next decade 5 billion people will live in urban areas, creating a massive challenge in how we build and manage cities. Smart city initiatives are crucial and both business leaders and government officials recognize the short and long-term benefits to save trillions of dollars and improve people’s lives by turning to technology. To begin to understand the future value AI can truly create, we’ll look at what types of data companies are capturing and how they will further apply this to technology to transform our cities, and reinvent industries such as transportation, construction and manufacturing.



  • Linda Gibbs

    Principal, Bloomberg Associates and Senior Fellow, Results for America, Bloomberg L.P.

12:50 pm

Closing Remarks & Networking


  • Carol Massar

    Co-Anchor Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Television and Radio

1:00 pm

Event Concludes


Rohit Prasad

Vice President and Head Scientist Amazon Alexa

John Paul Farmer

Director of Technology & Civic Innovation Microsoft

Elena Grewal

Head of Data Science Airbnb

Yoshiyuki Yamamoto

Special Advisor for UN Engagement and Blockchain Technology UNOPS

Mike Cordano

President and Chief Operating Officer Western Digital

Dr. Tej Tadi

Chief Executive Officer MindMaze

Jeremy Gu

Senior Data Scientist Uber

Frank Yiannas

Vice President – Food Safety Walmart

Ash Eldritch

CEO and Co-Founder Vital Enterprises

Chrissa McFarlane

Founder and CEO Patientory

Jarrett Wendt

Executive Vice President, & Head of CityNOW Panasonic North America

Marie Wieck

General Manager IBM Blockchain

Dennis Mortensen

CEO and Co-Founder

Jake Porway

Founder and Executive Director DataKind

Wei Luo

Chief Operating Officer DeepMap

Anand Srinivasan

Senior Analyst Technology Bloomberg Intelligence

Michael Nanopoulos

Data Scientist Waze

Shelten Yuen

Vice President of Research Fitbit

Mallory Freeman

Lead Data Scientist, Advanced Technology Group UPS

Raj Rajkumar

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon University

Sam Anthony

CTO & Co-Founder Perceptive Automata

Linda Gibbs

Principal, Bloomberg Associates and Senior Fellow, Results for America Bloomberg L.P.

Victoria Cerullo

Director of Strategy and Engagement in the Data Analytics & Integration Division Bloomberg LP

Mandeep Singh

Senior Analyst Technology Bloomberg L.P.

Julie Verhage

Technology Reporter Bloomberg News

Max Chafkin

Features Editor Bloomberg Businessweek

Gerrit De Vynck

Technology Reporter Bloomberg

Carol Massar

Co-Anchor Bloomberg Businessweek Bloomberg Television and Radio

Gabrielle Coppola

Auto Industry Reporter Bloomberg


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