Asean Business Summit

Asean Business Summit

July 12, 2018 | Bangkok, Thailand

It’s now or never.

Asean faces a pivotal year ahead: As an economic bloc, it has a unique opportunity to build on economic gains and capitalize on manifold investment opportunities. Growth rates are sometimes double that of developed economies, the middle class is expanding and getting wealthier, and officials are trying to accelerate major infrastructure projects, some of which will knit the region closer together. As an organization, Asean must bolster its relevance by accelerating reforms to become more fleet-of-foot in the way it responds to the needs of its people.

At the same time, the region must deftly handle two major challenges: the America First trade policy of President Donald Trump, and the window that it is creating for China to become ever more assertive and integrated in the Asean economy.

For a deeper insight into these changing dynamics and whether Asean businesses can continue to power some of the fastest growth rates in the world into 2019, join Bloomberg in Bangkok on July 12 for the 4th Bloomberg ASEAN Business Summit. Hear from market-moving international and regional CEOs, backed by Bloomberg’s unmatched journalism, data and analysis, as we highlight the key trends Asean’s top executive and officials must grapple with in the year ahead.