July 29, 2020 | New York City

Bloomberg Green Summit

Climate change is the defining issue of our time.  The Bloomberg Green Summit will redefine the rapidly evolving climate agenda to provoke debate, spotlight solutions and make sense of the most transformative shift of our generation.


The Bloomberg Green Summit is our annual, culture-shaping event for the new climate era.

Hosted in New York City in its inaugural year, the Bloomberg Green Summit will feature the voices of those people working at the edge of change to deliver real solutions.

Built to foster solutions-oriented conversations with a festival atmosphere, the Bloomberg Green Summit will feature a cross section of visionaries from business, design, culture, food, technology, science and entertainment.

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Sponsorship Information

Bloomberg Live works with sponsors to integrate them into the conference, ideally in a way that augments the delegates’ experience and advances each sponsor’s goals. Bloomberg Live can deliver on a wide variety of goals— thought leadership, V.I.P. client treatment, generating borrowed interest via media (print, online, social), introductions to individual delegates, product demo or showcase, branding, use of conference content or content generation, media relations or other objectives.

Dana Glosman