Canadian Fixed Income Conference – Day 5 – Event Highlights

Event Highlights 

Canadian Fixed Income Conference, Day 5

By Alessandro Borghese, Bloomberg Live 

The 8th annual Bloomberg Canadian Fixed Income Conference brings together the biggest names in Canadian bonds, credit, commodities and more in a six-part virtual briefing series that began on September 24, 2020, and runs through October 22, 2020.

As the markets continue to be roiled by the ongoing economic effects of the global pandemic, these conversations have rarely been more important and timely. We bring together top investors, analysts, CEOs, CFOs, government officials and bankers to discuss key issues — from insurance to real estate to mining to ESG to economics and more. 

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Day 5 speakers: 

  • Bob Rae, Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations
  • Andrea Dore, Head of Funding, Capital Markets and Investments, World Bank Treasury
  • Heike Reichelt, Head of Investor Relations and Sustainable Finance, World Bank Treasury
  • Scott Fielding, Finance Minister, Manitoba
  • Halina von dem Hagen, Treasurer, Manulife
  • Elizabeth Wallace, Senior Manager, Funding & Foreign Exchange, Capital Markets Division, Ontario Financing Authority
  • Heather Taylor, CFO and Treasurer, City of Toronto 
  • Don Delise, Director of Capital Markets, Treasury Division, Manitoba
  • Lowell Epp, Assistant Deputy Minister, Treasury, Alberta

Bloomberg moderators included:

  • Shartia Brantley, Deputy New York Bureau Chief and Senior Editor, Bloomberg Live
  • Sonali Basak, Financial Correspondent, Bloomberg
  • Stephen Wicary, Economy and Government Editor, Bloomberg
  • Divya Balji, Team Leader, Equities Americas, Bloomberg
  • Theophilos Argitis, Ottawa Bureau Chief, Bloomberg

Event Highlights

The fifth day of the Canadian Fixed Income Conference again focused on Canada’s public sector and government, continuing to explore similar themes discussed in the previous session, two days earlier.  Manitoba Finance Minister Scott Fielding outlined the province’s economic outlook following the hurdles presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. “Manitoba is expected to have one of the best rebounds in the country, if not the best,” he said. To account for the positive results Minister Fielding praised the “hard work accomplished during our first four years,” and the provincial government’s successful efforts to balance the budget. Looking to the future, Fielding expressed his hope that the federal government would also “get back into a balanced situation” after the pandemic.

The program then moved on to spotlight ESG investing and sustainable bonds, acknowledged as one of the most relevant and timely topics throughout the conference’s sessions. “Throughout 2020, the growth momentum of the ESG market has continued,” said Halina von dem Hagen, Treasurer at Manulife, citing figures that show a near doubling of social and sustainable bonds issuance this year compared with 2019. The other panelists were in agreement and also observed that the Covid-19 pandemic could be a catalyst for governments and businesses around the world to rebuild sustainably. “As Canadian leaders we have the opportunity of being bold and forcing the issue of coming up with standardized ESG metrics,” said Heather Taylor, CFO and Treasurer of the City of Toronto.  

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