July 1, 2020 | 11:00 AM ET / 4:00 PM BST

Bloomberg Breakaway:
CEO Member Think Tank


Breakaway Think Tank: How to Get it Right the First Time

The last few weeks have laid bare a deep discontent among a sizable portion of the population with the status quo – change is being sought at all levels of society, and simmering tensions have boiled over into the streets and onto our screens. Companies already stretched thin by the global pandemic and economic recession now find themselves having to answer tough questions on deep-rooted social justice issues, both internally and externally. These are not just HR or D&I questions; this is CEOs, founders and boards being forced to state explicitly what they and their companies stand for, with the knowledge that no answer or an unpopular answer could have severe consequences for the bottom line.

In this roundtable, we’ll have a frank discussion about how CEOs are navigating these conversations; what advice they can share on making sure the message is the right one at the right time; and how to get that message out effectively across marketing and communications channels in a way that is sincere, direct, and unambiguous.

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