November 11, 2022 | Bali and Virtual

Bloomberg CEO Forum:
Moving Forward Together

About the Event

The world has changed. Throughout the pandemic we all found new ways of responding to old challenges. We proved we were resilient, we must now move into recovery.

The pandemic has been a wakeup call on many fronts. To improve responses to future public health crises, we must revolutionize our healthcare infrastructure. The net zero transition has never been more important with extreme heat ravaging the globe – we take a deep dive into what plans the region has for EV development. We also explore the unique opportunities and challenges in developing a smart capital city, where innovative technologies meet sustainable infrastructure. With supply chain woes and export restrictions on food lingering, we examine what technology will ensure agricultural self-sufficiency.

Held against the backdrop of the G20 summit, the Bloomberg CEO Forum in Bali will discuss actionable solutions to the most pressing issues we’re facing after three difficult years to ensure responsible, inclusive and sustainable growth. Moving forward together has never been more important, our shared prosperity and future depends on it.

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Moving Forward Together 

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