7 December 2018 | London

Crypto Summit: Focus on 2019

The volatile journey of virtual currencies and the absence of a consistent global regulatory regime continue to be viewed with scepticism by mainstream banks and investors.
10 years after the first cryptocurrencies emerged, the question of what the future holds for this unique asset class remains. Is crypto here to stay, but only appeal to short-term investors looking to get rich quick? Will any cryptocurrency become universally accepted? Could one of these ever be used as the much-hyped single global currency? Bloomberg brings in subject-matter experts and leading industry players to discuss crypto’s future in 2019, and what needs to be done to pique mainstream investor interest in this global disruptive phenomenon.

December 7 - Friday

9:30 am

Welcome Remarks

9:35 am

Opening Remarks

9:45 am

Temporary Fad or a Powerful Innovation: Taking Crypto into the Financial Mainstream

The lack of any comprehensive regulation for virtual currencies in the US and major European markets has stifled the nascent but fast-growing crypto industry. Should the regulators focus their attempts on taming the “wild west” and which parts of the crypto-world should be regulated? What can the industry expect from regulators? Should the financial establishment itself look into on how it can better interact with cryptocurrencies?  Will 2019 become the year of regulatory reform for the crypto ecosystem, finally creating a more mature market?

10:15 am

One-on-One Interview

10:35 am

Institutional Money in Crypto World

The disruptive force of digital currencies has certainly created exciting entrepreneurial ideas and attracted short-term players. When will the institutional smart money enter crypto? What barriers need to be removed and what infrastructure needs to be in place for mainstream investors to consider cryptocurrencies?


11:05 am

Coffee Break

11:35 am

The Value of Bitcoin: Introducing the First Cryptocurrency Asset Pricing Model

11:50 am

Overcoming Volatility: Stable Coins

Cryptocurrency’s wild volatility and unexpected swings is one of the factors preventing its wider adoption. Could stable coin, which is pegged to national currencies, potentially solve crypto’s instability challenges, and assist virtual currencies in becoming globally adopted for trade, or would it defeat crypto’s primary advantages of decentralisation and democratisation? Our panel discusses the most likely outcome.

12:20 pm

Bloomberg Intelligence Presentation on Regulatory Endeavours to Reduce Cryptocurrencies Financial Crime Risk

12:30 pm

New in Cryptoland: Security Tokens

Backed by a tangible asset, security tokens are being hyped as a catalyst for revolutionising and democratising the investment space. The challenge for tokens is determining how they can be regulated if they still haven’t been legally defined. What are the legal boundaries of fractional ownership of a security token it if belongs to a decentralised system? Is the euphoria around security tokens yet another example of the high hopes for crypto to transform the world of finance? Is this product a competitor for IPOs, due to a lower fee structure? How does this compare and contrast to an ICO?

1:00 pm

Crypto Liquidity

1:25 pm

Closing remarks


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