November 3, 2022 | New York and Virtual

Bloomberg Growth Summit

Join us on November 3 for Bloomberg Growth Summit. This event will focus on the Customer covers the essential elements for creating a great customer-focused business. The program will include discussions on workforce transformation, communication, customer service and technology, to name a few. Keynote speakers from a variety of sectors will share their approach to achieving growth through customer-centric strategies.

About Bloomberg Growth Summit

Companies are finding that they have to work harder to keep their customers and attract new ones. The global economy is such that customers – both B2B and B2C – are being very deliberative about the products and services they purchase, and demand for excellent service has never been higher. The companies that succeed will be those that excel at keeping the customer at the center of strategic planning and execution. The Bloomberg Growth Summit brings together top executives from some of the world’s most exciting companies to talk about how they’re taking their businesses to the next level.

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November 3, 2022 | New York & Virtual

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