June 22 – 24, 2020 | Hong Kong, London, New York

Bloomberg Invest Global
A Virtual Event

Bloomberg Invest Global will span key markets and time zones to bring together the most dynamic, influential and innovative financial and economic thinkers today in conversations with top Bloomberg journalists and analysts. Powered by Bloomberg’s unrivaled data, Invest Global will help investors and finance professionals navigate the extreme volatility of today’s markets and economies.

3 Days. 3 Regions. Endless Impact.

Weathering Market Turbulence in the Age of COVID-19

As global markets continue to be roiled by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, investors are weighing up their options. Bloomberg Invest Global will convene the biggest names across finance, economics, and investing from Asia, Europe and the United States to share their advice for dealing with the most pressing financial crisis since the Great Depression. These leaders will get beyond the headlines through a combination of market-moving one-on-one interviews, smart panels, and best-in-class analyses.

June 22 - Monday

1:00 pm

The Macro View

What does an economic recovery look like and when will it begin? Informed by insights from Asia, which has dealt the longest with the pandemic, we’ll discuss the most likely scenarios in the short and long term. Will it be a V recovery, a W or something in between? Our speakers and analysts will cut through the talking points to understand where the global economy is headed.


June 23 - Tuesday

1:00 pm

A New World Order?

Governments around the world have dedicated more than $8 trillion to fight the pandemic, eclipsing stimulus provided during the global financial crisis. Despite this, it’s clear that these measures are far from sufficient as a growing number of businesses buckle under lockdown. How far do governments and central banks need to go in order to mitigate the growing socio-economic impacts of this pandemic? What will be the implications of our deepening national deficits, how are we going to pay for it all and who will shoulder the biggest burden in society?


June 24 - Wednesday

1:00 pm

Putting Money to Work Now

In the age of COVID-19, investors have largely taken a battering. Mainstream and alternative funds have experienced sharp and deeply volatile results reflecting broad market uncertainty. The pressing question top of mind for almost all investors is this: where should they put their money and when should they do it?

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