Bloomberg HQ NYC | June 4-6, 2018

Bloomberg Invest
New York

Bloomberg Invest New York returns in 2018 as we bring together the most influential, dynamic and innovative figures in investing for an in-depth exploration of the challenges and opportunities posed by a rapidly changing financial landscape.

Big money. Big ideas.

Utilizing Bloomberg’s unparalleled global data, analysis and news resources, Bloomberg Invest New York engages the smartest people in finance, economics, and markets to tackle the most complicated issues head-on, helping institutional investors make profitable decisions in 2018 and beyond.

For highlights from the inaugural 2017 event, click here.

June 4 - Monday

5:00 pm

Registration opens

5:30 pm

In Conversation With David Rubenstein

The Carlyle co-founder sits down with Bloomberg's Jason Kelly for a wide-ranging fireside chat.



  • Jason Kelly

    New York Bureau Chief; Co-Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek TV and Radio, Bloomberg

6:30 pm

Opening Night Cocktail Reception and Dinner

Bloomberg Invest 2018 kicks off with cocktails and a dinner program.

Proudly sponsored by Unicorn Crowdfunding.

7:15 pm

The Future of Health Care: In Conversation With David Cordani

Bloomberg Businessweek editor Joel Weber sits down with David Cordani, President and CEO of Cigna Corporation for an extended conversation about the future of the health care industry.



June 5 - Tuesday

7:30 am

Special Breakfast Session: Healthcare Tech and the Power of Connectivity

Big data is a big deal in health care as the promise of reducing inefficiencies and cutting costs while simultaneously improving patient care is goal providers are chasing. With major breakthroughs happening at breakneck speed, it's important for investors to understand where value is being created. This enlightening discussion will bring together top Bloomberg analysts with leading researchers, practitioners and technology companies for an in-depth look at the ways new data technologies are transforming the healthcare tech sector.

Seating is limited. Pre-registration is required.

Proudly sponsored by Abbott.



  • Jonathan Palmer

    Senior Equity Research Analyst, Healthcare, Bloomberg Intelligence

8:00 am

Registration Opens and Networking Breakfast

8:45 am


Invest Summit Editorial Co-Chair Erik Schatzker and Bloomberg Chairman Peter Grauer welcome the audience to Bloomberg Invest 2018.


8:55 am

Teamwork at the Top: In Conversation With Joseph Bae and Scott Nuttall

A look at the landscape with two of private equity's top names.



  • Jason Kelly

    New York Bureau Chief; Co-Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek TV and Radio, Bloomberg

9:20 am

The State and Future of Asset Management

Leading asset managers sit down with Bloomberg's Peggy Collins for an in-depth look at the asset management landscape.



9:50 am

China's Impact on U.S. Capital Markets: In Conversation With Carson Block

An in-depth conversation about China with the Muddy Waters CIO.



10:05 am

Accelerating Impact: In Conversation With Bill McGlashan

A growing number of today's investors are grappling with how to account for the environmental and social aspects of their financial performance. But how do you assign value to such outcomes? We'll sit down with the head of the largest impact investing fund to discuss what it means to simultaneously target market-rate returns and social benefit. This wide-ranging discussion will also address the evolution of growth investing.



10:25 am

The Evolution of Capital Markets: In Conversation With Adena Friedman

In this wide-ranging interview, the Nasdaq CEO shares her thoughts on technological disruption in the financial industry, including innovations such as AI & blockchain; the major trends she sees in the active v. passive debate; and her views on long-termism, ensuring that long-term investors are able to participate on a level playing field with those who focus on speed and market timing.



10:45 am

Networking Break

11:10 am

Teamwork at the Top: In Conversation With Kewsong Lee and Glenn Youngkin

The Carlyle co-CEOs talk about the changes at Carlyle, what it means and what investors can expect to see from the legendary firm.



  • Jason Kelly

    New York Bureau Chief; Co-Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek TV and Radio, Bloomberg

11:35 am

Ethics, Human Behavior and AI in Banking: In Conversation With Catherine Bessant

Cathy Bessant talks straight about how Bank of America is developing next-generation technology and what it means for consumers, investors and the world.



11:55 am

Making Sense of Equity Markets with Gina Martin Adams

Bloomberg Intelligence Chief Equity Strategist Gina Martin Adams examines the current landscape for U.S. stocks and what to expect in the second half of 2018 as late-cycle market conditions emerge.


12:05 pm

Macroeconomic Trends: Volatility, Rates and Bond Portfolios

A look at the global markets and the macroeconomic trends that are making 2018 one of the most volatile years in recent memory.


  • Rebecca Patterson

    Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Bessemer Trust

  • Nili Gilbert

    Co-Founder, Portfolio Manager, Matarin Capital

  • Jonathan Beinner

    Chief Investment Officer, Co-Head of Global Fixed Income and Liquidity Solutions, Goldman Sachs Asset Management


12:30 pm

Networking Lunch

The networking lunch will feature a short presentation from Bloomberg's Global Head of Sustainable Business and Finance Curtis Ravenel who will discuss how the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures can help investors make better-informed decisions.


Special Lunch Session: ETFs Pass Another Test (And Why It Will Never Be Enough for Critics)

With the recent market sell-offs dominating headlines, the story for ETFs is mixed. Since the beginning of the year, new funds have launched at the average of one per day and investors have shown no signs of lessened enthusiasm. But the idea persists that ETFs are riskier during a market sell-off. Is this a valid critique? Bloomberg ETF guru Eric Balchunas leads an in-depth discussion with some of the top names in ETFs.

Seating is limited. Pre-registration is required.

Proudly sponsored by Invesco QQQ.



1:45 pm

The Pace of Change: In Conversation With David Siegel

The Two Sigma co-founder talks with Bloomberg Businessweek editor Joel Weber about his views on how technology is shaping industry and society.


  • David Siegel

    Co-Founder & Co-Chairman, Two Sigma Investments, LP


2:05 pm

Weighing Alternatives: A Conversation With Bill Ford and Michael Sabia

One of Canada's largest institutional investors sits down with one of private equity's most interesting CEOs for a frank conversation about the changing alternatives landscape.



2:30 pm

Finding the Edge: Technology for Investors

How is technology changing the investing landscape and what does it all mean for investors? Two of the most interesting people from the world of quant investing take us through the world of big data, disruption and what it means for the future of asset management.



2:55 pm

Networking Break

3:20 pm

Learning From the Cycles: In Conversation With Jonathan Lavine

Bain Capital's co-managing partner talks about the cycles, trends and forces that are impacting global investing and what it all means for institutional investors.



3:40 pm

The Blackstone Outlook: In Conversation With Joseph Baratta

A fireside chat with the Blackstone Global Head of Private Equity.



  • Jason Kelly

    New York Bureau Chief; Co-Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek TV and Radio, Bloomberg

4:00 pm

The Future of Active Management

As fee pressures, the hunt for yield, and the rate environment drive more investors to passive products, active managers have often been characterized as being in an existential fight for survival. What are asset managers doing to survive and thrive?



4:25 pm

Building a Portfolio for the Long Term

Top investors and asset managers talk about what every institution needs in their portfolio.



5:05 pm

What's Next for Cryptocurrencies: In Conversation with Michael Novogratz

The former Fortress Macro CIO and founder/CEO of Galaxy Digital Capital Management talks about what he sees for the future of cryptocurrencies and the implications for institutional investors.



5:30 pm

Closing Cocktail Reception

Proudly sponsored by NetJets.

June 6 - Wednesday

7:00 am

Wednesday's sessions are hosted by Bloomberg Professional Services and are by invitation only.

8:00 am

Executive Session: COO Breakfast

A well-defined Target Operating Model (TOM) is increasingly essential for sustaining competitive operations and differentiating a firm's ability to thrive. Explore the different journeys to tomorrow's buy-side target operating model with your COO peers, and discover how you can leverage Bloomberg’s global, cross-asset class solutions to uncomplicate compliance and streamline operations.
*Invitation Only

12:00 pm

Executive Session: CIO Luncheon

It is estimated that 90% of today's data has been created since 2016. Asset managers are on a torrid pace developing and incorporating more analytics and sweeping up as much of that data as possible to maintain their edge. 75% of your peers are already using social media and social-driven feeds to inform their investing decisions.* As the use of alternative data has quickly become mainstream, where are asset managers looking next?

Connect with your CIO peers to hear how they're navigating the sea of profitable data. Also, hear Bloomberg’s perspective and how we are driving solutions to help clients get ahead in these areas.

*Greenwich Associates

Invitation Only

6:00 pm

Executive Session: CTO Dinner

Bloomberg's Chief Technology Officer, Shawn Edwards, will host an exclusive CTO dinner to discuss new technology trends and how this industry is tacking emerging challenges.

Topics include: • Aligning change with long term strategy
• Automation and outsourcing
• Data as a differentiator
• Managing new data sets
• Build or buy?
• Exploring new technologies
*Invitation Only


Joseph Bae

KKR Co-President, Co-Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Baratta

Blackstone Global Head of Private Equity

Jonathan Beinner

Goldman Sachs Asset Management Chief Investment Officer, Co-Head of Global Fixed Income and Liquidity Solutions

Afsaneh M. Beschloss

RockCreek Founder and CEO

Catherine P. Bessant

Bank of America Chief Operations and Technology Officer

Carson Block

Muddy Waters Capital LLC Chief Investment Officer

Reginald M. Browne

Cantor Fitzgerald Senior Managing Director

David Cordani

Cigna Corporation President and CEO

Michael J. Dowling

Northwell Health President and CEO

Bill Ford

General Atlantic CEO

Robert B. Ford

Abbott Executive Vice President, Medical Devices

Adena Friedman

Nasdaq President and CEO

Nili Gilbert

Matarin Capital Co-Founder, Portfolio Manager

Peter T. Grauer

Bloomberg L.P. Chairman

Yie-Hsin Hung

New York Life Investment Management CEO

David A. Hunt

PGIM President and CEO

Jonathan Lavine

Bain Capital Co-Managing Partner

Kewsong Lee

The Carlyle Group Co-CEO

Bill McGlashan

TPG Growth Founder, CEO and Managing Partner

Michael E. Novogratz

Galaxy Digital Capital Management Founder and CEO

Scott C. Nuttall

KKR Co-President, Co-Chief Operating Officer

Rebecca Patterson

Bessemer Trust Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer

Eric Pollackov

Invesco Global Head of ETF Capital Markets

Jean Raby

Natixis Investment Managers Chief Executive Officer

Sandy Rattray

Man Group Chief Investment Officer

Curtis D. Ravenel

Bloomberg L.P. Global Head, Sustainability & Finance

John R. Reinsberg

Lazard Asset Management LLC Deputy Chairman, Head of International and Global Strategies

Heidi Khashabi Ridley

Rosenberg Equities, AXA Investment Managers CEO

Todd Rosenbluth

CFRA Senior Director of ETF and Mutual Fund Research

David M. Rubenstein

The Carlyle Group Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman

Michael Sabia

CDPQ President and CEO

Leslie Saxon, MD

USC Center for Body Computing Executive Director

Michelle R. Seitz

Russell Investments Chairman and CEO

David Siegel

Two Sigma Investments, LP Co-Founder & Co-Chairman

Cyrus Taraporevala

State Street Global Advisors President and CEO

David Villa

State of Wisconsin Investment Board Chief Investment Officer

Glenn Youngkin

The Carlyle Group Co-Chief Executive Officer

Linda H. Zhang

Purview Investments Founder and CEO

Gina Martin Adams

Bloomberg Intelligence Chief U.S. Equity Strategist

Eric Balchunas

Bloomberg Intelligence Senior ETF Analyst

Julia Chatterley

Bloomberg Television Anchor

Peggy Collins

Bloomberg News U.S. Investing Team Leader

Scarlet Fu

Bloomberg Television Anchor

Caroline Gage

Bloomberg Executive Editor for Global Finance

Christine Harper

Bloomberg Markets Magazine Editor

Julie Hyman

Bloomberg Television Reporter

Jason Kelly

Bloomberg New York Bureau Chief; Co-Anchor, Bloomberg Businessweek TV and Radio

Melissa Mittelman

Bloomberg Reporter, Bloomberg Deals

Jonathan Palmer

Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Equity Research Analyst, Healthcare

Katia Porzecanski

Bloomberg Reporter

Erik Schatzker

Bloomberg Editor-at-Large

Joel Weber

Bloomberg Businessweek Editor


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