September 28, 2022 | London, UK and Virtual

Bloomberg Technology Summit

About the Event

The global economy is being redesigned in the midst of multiple crises: surging inflation, the Covid-19 endemic, continued war in Ukraine and the current bear market. Against this backdrop, businesses face rising energy bills, surging inflation, the prospect of higher interest rates and across the world, a shortage of workers.

While the tech sector is not immune to these headwinds – as seen in this year’s stock rout – continued investment in startups, unprecedented digitization across industries and a change in consumer behavior suggests some tech companies will not just survive, but thrive in this new environment. The question is – which ones? And what do their business models look like? The

Bloomberg Technology Summit in London is excited to bring together Europe’s business leaders and policy makers, entrepreneurs and innovators, founders and investors to explain how they are adapting to this new environment – and discuss solution based strategies to create a model that fosters growth and innovation in a world grappling with social, economic and political transformation.

Join us. At the Bloomberg Technology Summit in London.

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