January 18-19, 2022 | Virtual Event

Bloomberg The Year Ahead

Join us this January 18-19, 2022, as Bloomberg’s The Year Ahead returns for a virtual series of conversations with leading CEOs from an array of industries to map out a strategic blueprint for global business in the next 12 months.

About the Event

If the last two years introduced unforeseen changes at a dizzying pace, 2022 will be spent adjusting to them while also tracking whatever new unanticipated challenges emerge.

Digital transformation is accelerating, organizations are experimenting with flexible working arrangements, supply chains are being redrawn, businesses are becoming more purpose driven. And importantly, perspectives are shifting.

At Bloomberg’s The Year Ahead Summit, we explore how business leaders are responding to these challenges and opportunities. Will leaders use recent learnings to make permanent, meaningful changes to their businesses? Will sustainability continue to dominate the corporate agenda? What innovations will propel us forward? And will society become more inclusive? Powered by the world’s largest newsroom and data-driven reporting, The Year Ahead explores how these trends will shape the next 12 months, offering clarity and perspective to some of the most pressing questions of the day.

Across two days, Bloomberg will bring together CEOs and other global business leaders from an array of industries — finance, retail, travel, healthcare, technology and more — to map out a strategic blueprint for global business in The Year Ahead.

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