March 23, 2022 | 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm CET

EU Women in Finance

Inspiring the next generation of leaders in the financial sector

About the Event

In this session, women leaders from the EU’s financial sector will discuss how to promote greater gender diversity, inspire and empower the next generation of women to pursue and advance careers in finance.

In collaboration with Junior Achievement Europe – Europe’s largest non-profit dedicated to preparing young people for employment and entrepreneurship – leaders discuss how to encourage young women to enter the financial sector.

Bloomberg’s long-standing commitment to promoting an inclusive global economy supports the European Commission’s objectives in its Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2052 and the goal of making the world of finance more accessible to women and other under-represented groups.

Bloomberg has partnered with 2022 Nobel Peace Prize nominated NGO Junior Achievement since 1997. Bloomberg’s global Corporate Philanthropy program works with a network of non-profit partners to ensure more individuals from underserved communities have the relevant skills and experience for employment and entrepreneurship; supporting global efforts to make the world’s economy fairer and more inclusive for all.

March 23 - Wednesday

1:00 pm

EU Women in Finance: Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders in the Financial Sector

Join this session for a conversation between a group of women who have become the EU’s finance leaders and Junior Achievement Europe on how to promote an inclusive global economy, by making the world of finance more accessible to women.

1:00 PM CET – Keynote


  • Nadia Calviño, First Vice President of Spain
  • Moderator: Francine Lacqua, Editor-At-Large & Anchor, Bloomberg TV

1:15 PM CET – Panel


  • Natasha Cazenave, Executive Director, ESMA
  • Anneka Treon, Head of the Competence Center, Van Lanschot Kempen
  • Katja Lammert, Chief Administration Officer, MEAG
  • Diana Filip, Deputy CEO, Junior Achievement Europe
  • Moderator: Francine Lacqua, Bloomberg Television

1:45 PM CET – Session Concludes