October 21, 2020 | 1:00 pm GMT+8 | Virtual Event

Bracing for the U.S. Election

This November’s U.S. presidential election is set to be a roller coaster ride for candidates, voters and investors. Rather than a straight-forward process with the winner declared on election night, there are now a range of scenarios for market participants to consider that were once unthinkable. President Trump has declared, repeatedly, that he won’t accept an outcome that he deems tainted. With tens of millions of Americans voting by mail — more than in any other U.S. Election in history — the outcome may not be clear for days or longer, raising concerns about political instability and, possibly, civil unrest. With the attention of many investors turning toward November’s elections as a source of risk, we gather leading money-managers to guide us through all the U.S. election scenarios and debate the hedging strategies that should protect portfolios.


October 21 - Wednesday

1:00 pm

Welcoming Remarks


  • Haidi Stroud-Watts

    Anchor, ‘Daybreak Australia’ and ‘Daybreak Asia’, Bloomberg Television

1:05 pm

Opening Remarks


1:10 pm

The Stateside View

With 10 billion dollars under management, Cambiar’s Brian Barish provides insight into how US based investors are preparing for the November election.


  • Brian Barish

    President and Chief Investment Officer, Cambiar Investors LLC

1:30 pm

Reporter Notebook


1:40 pm

It’s Just Another Election

Should Asia based investors look closer to home for significant market moving events? We ask Kathy Matsui whether investors should be wary of US election hype.


2:05 pm

Closing Remarks


  • Haidi Stroud-Watts

    Anchor, ‘Daybreak Australia’ and ‘Daybreak Asia’, Bloomberg Television

2:10 pm

Event Close


Brian Barish

President and Chief Investment Officer Cambiar Investors LLC

Kathy Matsui

Vice Chair Goldman Sachs Japan

Jingyi Pan

Senior Market Strategist IG Asia

Ishika Mookerjee

Asia Stocks Reporter Bloomberg

Haidi Stroud-Watts

Anchor, ‘Daybreak Australia’ and ‘Daybreak Asia’ Bloomberg Television


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