25 September | London

Charting Poland’s Future:
Spotlight on Growth & Innovation

As the first Central and Eastern European country to be upgraded by a leading index provider, from Emerging Market to Developed Market, Poland is serving as a model for other nations to follow.  Behind an aggressive crackdown on tax fraud, growing private sector investment, a decline in public debt and a combination of record low unemployment and high consumer confidence, Polish GDP has seen significant growth over the past year.


Poland’s strong and effectively managed economy has made it a target for investors. So, what are the keys to sustaining growth for Poland? What are the implications for investors in the ascension in market status? How can the Polish government continue to build successful public-private partnerships? What macro-economic forces are working for and against continued growth? And, what do small and medium sized Polish companies need to scale globally?


Drawing on a deep well of data analysis and a commitment to up-to-the-minute, market-moving news, Bloomberg will convene top experts, analysts, investors and news makers to explore these questions and more as we look at the future of the Polish markets.

September 25 - Tuesday

8:30 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:00 am

Welcome Remarks


9:05 am

Opening Address from the Prime Minister of Poland


9:10 am

Fireside Chat



  • Marek Dietl

    President of the Management Board, Warsaw Stock Exchange

9:20 am

Bloomberg Intelligence Presentation

Poland is the first country to be promoted from Emerging to Developed status for almost a decade. Our analyst will take you through the advantages and disadvantage of the reclassification upgrade. Tomasz will delve into the lessons learned from other emerging market upgrades that have taken place over the last century.


9:30 am

Understanding & Capitalizing on Developed Market Status

Poland's upgrade to developed market status represents an acknowledgement of the progress of the Polish economy and capital markets, but with this change come big challenges and risks. This panel will discuss how Poland's reclassification will change the way it operates and how the country and its investors can best insulate themselves against the ensuing volatility.



10:15 am

The View from the C-Suite

Facilitating the level of change and growth observed in Poland has been no easy feat. CEO's from the largest and fastest growing companies share lessons learned from their journeys. How have they grown their companies? How can they continue to draw in capital and scale globally? They'll discuss current limitations and future opportunities, and what their strategic focus should be moving forward.



11:00 am

Event Concludes


Markus Karlsson

Anchor Bloomberg Radio

Mateusz Morawiecki

Prime Minister of Poland

Marek Dietl

President of the Management Board Warsaw Stock Exchange

Tomasz Noetzel

Equity Research Analyst Bloomberg Intelligence

Kristine Aquino

Markets Live Team Leader for EMEA Bloomberg

Bartosz Pawlowski

Chief Investment Officer mBank

Filip Paszke

Managing Director, Head of Brokerage PKO BP

Philip Lawlor

Managing Director Global Markets Research FTSE Russell

Pawel Surowka

Chief Executive Officer PZU SA

Anna Rulkiewicz

Chief Executive Officer LUX MED

Maciej Dziergwa

Chief Executive Officer STX Next

Pawel Przewiezlikowski

Chief Executive Officer Selvita

Martin Balawajder

CFO 11 bit studios


The Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) is one of the fastest growing exchanges in Central and Eastern Europe. GPW operates a regulated market for equities and derivatives, NewConnect – a multilateral trading facility dedicated to small and medium companies, and Catalyst – a market for corporate and municipal bond issuers. The Polish Power Exchange (TGE), a member of the GPW Capital Group, offers trade in electricity, natural gas, property rights, guarantees of origin and CO2 emission allowances. Since 9 November 2010, GPW is a publicly traded company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.