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Disruptive Threats and Opportunities:
The Future of ETFs

The Future of ETFs

Europe is the second largest ETF market globally, and will continue to be a key strategic focus for many of the world’s largest asset managers given regulatory changes, improvements in market infrastructure, and new product developments that are rapidly increasing investor adoption of ETFs across channels. For the first time Bloomberg is convening an exciting 4-part series, Disruptive Threats and Opportunities: The Future of ETFs taking place in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, and Zurich. We’ll gather leading investors, issuers, and industry experts to answer questions including — is indexing getting too big? Will ETFs cause the next crash? Where will the growth in new products be? And whether MIFID regulations could unlock more transparency and growth for the industry. Whether you’re an active manager looking to beat the benchmark, or currently working in the ETF space, knowledge of how the ETF market is growing and changing is vital to profit in today’s uncertain market environment.


Founded in 1976, The Vanguard Group Inc. has grown into one of the largest fund managers in the world, with $5 trillion in total assets under management (as at 28 February 2018). The Vanguard Group’s unique ownership structure means it is free to focus on low-costs, transparency and fairness for all clients. Vanguard has been present in Europe since 1998, opening its London office in 2009. Since that time the company has built a range of mutual funds and ETFs that bring its low-cost, high-quality ethos to investors across Europe.