2 April | London

Financing the Future

The Belt and Road Initiative, first proposed by President Xi Jinping after the 19th Party Congress, is an immensely ambitious campaign with nearly one trillion dollars of investment into a number of infrastructure projects. Through the creation of a modern Silk Road, the initiative aims to boost trade and development, strengthen infrastructure and spread the benefits of digital technology. In this exclusive event, Bloomberg brings together key executives and top money managers to discuss what opportunities exist for European businesses, what risks and challenges could impact each region, specifically and how the initiative might help to develop a smarter, more sustainable model for cities.

April 2 - Tuesday

8:30 am

Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00 am

Opening Remarks

9:05 am

Welcome Remarks

9:10 am

The Global Macro View: Geopolitical Uncertainty, Shifting Alliances, and the Risk of a Trade War

9:40 am

Bringing European Business to the Belt and Road Initiative

10:00 am

Investing in the New Silk Road and Beyond: Future Outlook

Some infrastructure projects have recently run into trouble, sparking controversy in Belt and Road countries. This panel will examine existing preconceived notions about the belt and road initiative, such as the assumption that China has been the only entity funding the initiative, and whether BRI projects are causing high debt loads in recipient countries. The panel with also address which projects and countries along the BRI corridors still require international financing or human capital, and what opportunities exist for western banks and companies, as well as exploring how BRI projects are shaping up in comparison to one another. Finally, the panel will discuss the future funding models, and the pros and cons of getting involved in BRI projects and what the risks and challenges are that pertain to each specific region.

10:30 am

Driving Sustainability within Belt and Road Projects

This panel will examine how BRI projects can promote sustainability and have a positive impact on local ecosystems and communities. How can banks and institutional investors be certain that their interests support sustainable development? How can innovation and technology improve quality of life in the communities that are developing a Digital Silk Road? How can Belt and Road countries develop a new smarter, more sustainable model for cities to more efficiently use resources?

11:00 am

Closing Remarks


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