Chicago | June 7, 2018

The Future of Investing:
Where Global Growth is Driving Transformation

Sustained economic growth compounded by globalization is having profound effects in all corners of the world. With economies on more stable footing and more investments and information crossing borders, everyone from money-managers to business leaders are consistently thinking about where to find the next big opportunity. Through main-stage discussions and presentations we’ll look to answer this through the lens of policy and economics, technology’s impact on business investment, and where markets are in the growth cycle and which strategies are best to gain exposure around the globe.

June 7 - Thursday

5:00 pm

Registration & Networking Reception

5:30 pm

Welcome Remarks


  • Michael Mckee

    International Economics & Policy Correspondent, Bloomberg TV & Radio

5:35 pm

Opening Remarks


5:40 pm

Keynote: How Tech is Driving Investment

From artificial intelligence to the automation of jobs, or connecting with global citizens through the internet and mobile, how is corporate America thinking about how tech will impact their businesses 5-10 years out? We'll feature a top executive who can speak to what investments companies are putting their money and minds behind now, in order to expand and grow competitively around the world.


  • Jeff Jarrett

    VP, Global Head of eCommerce, Mondelēz International


6:00 pm

Where Global Growth is Leading

Globally, economies in the last few years have been experiencing a strong upswing in growth and equity markets. But the threat of a maturing cycle and potential structural uncertainties could warrant caution. And as more technology takes hold, how does the pace of globalization impact the world order? Where might the next frontier market lie? To gain a better understanding of where you want exposure across the world, we'll feature top economists and strategists who can shed light on the forecasts, scenarios, and potential growth countries ahead.



  • Michael Mckee

    International Economics & Policy Correspondent, Bloomberg TV & Radio

6:30 pm

Bloomberg Presentation: Growth versus Value and Where we are in this Cycle

Through a presentation showcasing Bloomberg Intelligence Research and functions on the terminal investors will gain a better understanding of why growth stocks vs. value have dramatically outperformed this cycle and what factors, if any, could change that.


6:40 pm

The Next Investments

We have returned to the volatility of pre-crisis trading, and for many investors its cause to look at what's happening across markets and across assets. We've seen major swings in equity markets, while rising bond yields are sounding alarm bells for others. So what might be the trigger for a true global correction -- or worse? And whether its real estate, private equity, or through ETFs what's the best way to diversify or get exposure around the world? We'll feature leading investment managers in a dynamic conversation to understand how they're structuring their portfolios and viewing the next big global investments.


  • Ellen Ellison

    Chief Investment Officer, University of Illinois Foundation

  • Marc Levine

    Chairman, Illinois State Board of Investment


  • Michael Mckee

    International Economics & Policy Correspondent, Bloomberg TV & Radio

7:00 pm

Closing Remarks & Networking Reception

8:00 pm

Event Concludes


Ellen Ellison

Chief Investment Officer University of Illinois Foundation

John Frank

QQQ Strategist Invesco

Kristina Hooper

Chief Global Markets Strategist Invesco

Kevin Kelly

U.S. Equity Strategist Bloomberg Intelligence

Marc Levine

Chairman Illinois State Board of Investment

Michael Mckee

International Economics & Policy Correspondent Bloomberg TV & Radio

Jeff Jarrett

VP, Global Head of eCommerce Mondelēz International

Craig Giammona

Reporter Bloomberg News

Peter Hooper

Chief U.S. Economist Deutsche Bank Securities

John Ryding

Chief Economist RDQ Economics


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