September 17, 2019 | Boston

The Future of Investing:
Betting on the ETF Boom

The Future of Investing heads to Boston with a special focus on the $5.6 trillion ETF market. With no signs of slowing, more investors globally are putting ETFs to work in their portfolios. Buoyant investor sentiment combined with a resilient bull market have contributed to robust ETF inflows despite recent volatility as equities continue to drive gains. We’ll gather top names to share their views on the future of the industry with closer looks at such topics as how pressure on fees is affecting growth, the impact of M&A activity in the sector, the explosion of thematic products, smart beta, the rise of active non-transparent ETFs, and how much investors should be worried (or not) about liquidity in the market.

September 17 - Tuesday

8:00 am

Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00 am


9:05 am

Opening Remarks


9:10 am

The Shape of the ETF Industry

From the increased pressure on fees to M&A activity to the ongoing explosion of new product offerings, there are a number of interconnected and interrelated forces and trends that are affecting the ETF industry as it continues to grow and expand. It’s important for ETF investors to understand not only the market forces at play but also the ways in which these larger industry trends are in many ways reshaping the ETF investing landscape. In this panel, we’ll take a closer look at a few of the most important trends affecting the ETF market and break down what investors need to know as they look ahead to 2020.


  • Mary Ann Bartels

    Head of the Research Investment Committee & Exchange Traded Fund Strategy, BofA Merrill Lynch

  • Cory Laing

    Head of ETF and One-Delta Institutional Sales, Citadel Securities

  • Jeff McCarthy

    Global Head ETF Services, BNY Mellon


9:40 am

Bloomberg Intelligence Presents: ETFs in Focus

Bloomberg Intelligence ETF analyst James Seyffart presents his latest research.


10:00 am

In Conversation With Dan Draper

Managing Director and Global Head of ETFs for Invesco discusses the state and future of the industry with Bloomberg’s Rachel Evans.


  • Dan Draper

    Managing Director and Global Head of ETFs, Invesco


10:25 am

Liquidity: How Concerned Should We Be?

Skeptics have long questioned how easily ETFs can be turned into cash during a sell-off. But as funds look to package less liquid securities and money managers increasingly rely on ETFs to pay off investors exiting other kinds of funds, regulators are starting to pay attention. We’ll talk to some of the biggest market makers to get their views on market liquidity and where they see the biggest causes for concern –- or comfort — moving forward.



10:55 am

Closing Remarks and Networking


Mary Ann Bartels

Head of the Research Investment Committee & Exchange Traded Fund Strategy BofA Merrill Lynch

Reginald M. Browne

Principal GTS

Dan Draper

Managing Director and Global Head of ETFs Invesco

Deborah Frame

President Frame Global Asset Management

Cory Laing

Head of ETF and One-Delta Institutional Sales Citadel Securities

Fadi Abdel Massih

Assistant Vice President - Analyst Moody's Investors Service

Jeff McCarthy

Global Head ETF Services BNY Mellon

Ryan McCormack

QQQ Equity ETF Strategist Invesco US

Rachel Evans

Head of ETF Coverage Bloomberg News

Annie Massa

Investing Reporter Bloomberg

James Seyffart

Analyst Bloomberg Intelligence


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