September 19 | Boston

The Future of Investing:
Capitalizing on ETF’s Growth

Exchange-traded funds are on their way to $5 trillion in assets, a growth trajectory that will continue to grow as more nations adopt the increasingly popular investment vehicle. For the U.S. investor knowledge of how the ETF market is growing and changing is vital for finding alpha in today’s uncertain market. Even with passively managed ETFs investors do not necessarily want to stand still. We’ll gather leaders in the space to discuss where ETFs serve a place in your portfolio, how competitiveness in the industry could lead to further growth, and where indexing is headed and how its impacting overall capital markets.

September 19 - Wednesday

8:00 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast

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Opening Remarks


9:10 am

ETFs & Their Place in Your Portfolio

Exchange-traded funds continue to be one of the biggest investment trends in recent history, but knowing where, and what products to put your money can change as fast as new vehicles are being introduced. Even with passively managed ETFs investors do not necessarily want to stand still. We'll gather investment professionals and strategists who can speak to how they are dissecting and researching the swath of products today, where they serve a place in one's portfolio, and debate the right mix of passive and active strategies in order to generate alpha.


9:40 am

Bloomberg Intelligence Presentation

9:55 am

Trillions and Growing: Just How Big Can the Industry Get?

There are now ETFs tracking essentially every sector, region and asset class, with most categories of funds seeing steady growth. Whether it is domestically from wider adoption of products or added transparency across trades from MIFID II in Europe, we'll look to answer just how big the industry can get from here. To gain a better understanding of how this growth will play out we'll look to answer questions including-- what are the risks and opportunities of new regulations for the ETF market? Is the industry ripe for consolidation? Where will the growth in new products be, and what are the repercussions of intensifying price wars?


  • Dan Draper

    Managing Director and Global Head of ETFs, Invesco

  • Bjorn Sibbern

    Executive Vice President Global Information Services, Nasdaq

10:25 am

Where Indexing is Heading

The ascent of indexing has offered investors new opportunities for lower-cost, more diversified portfolios. But with any growth, also comes scepticism including debates as to how it's impacting overall capital markets. In order to understand the truths about indexing, its benefits or risks, and where the future of indexing is headed we'll gather thought leaders on all sides of the investment and product landscape to discuss.


10:55 am

Closing Remarks & Networking

11:30 am

Event Concludes


John Frank

Invesco QQQ Equity Product Strategist

Shannon Saccocia

Boston Private Chief Investment Officer

Dan Draper

Invesco Managing Director and Global Head of ETFs

Bjorn Sibbern

Nasdaq Executive Vice President Global Information Services

Rachel Evans

Bloomberg News Reporter


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