November 20, 2019 | Nasdaq MarketSite, New York City

The Future of Investing:
Capital Markets at the Crossroads

Despite their overall robust economic health ($1 trillion in revenue with over $100 billion in economic profit each year), global capital markets are caught in a perfect storm of sorts that portend dramatic shifts within the industry–revenues and margins are being driven down by tighter regulation, technological innovation is on the rise, and changing social expectations are leaving some incumbent financial institutions scrambling to update customer-unfriendly business models.
Well-functioning, deep capital markets will be more important than ever in the years to come, but industry leaders must address continually changing market forces and prove that they can operate within this new customer-centric, technology enabled, highly regulated paradigm.
In this briefing, we’ll talk with leading investors, technologists, and market leaders about what they see as the most important trends, the most challenging problems, and the most likely developments in the future of capital markets.


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