June 11, 2019 | San Francisco 

The Future of Investing:
Driving Growth Through  Innovation

The 2019 Future of Investing series kicks off this year in San Francisco, where we’ll gather top investors and analysts for a deep dive into the health and future of the Nasdaq 100. Powered by Bloomberg Intelligence and the editorial power of the Bloomberg newsroom, we’ll talk to top investors about the mega trends they see driving growth among the index’s heavyweights, talk to innovators about the ways they are creating value within their companies, and engage leading strategists in a discussion about the long-term health of the index and where smart money should be headed.

June 11 - Tuesday

8:00 am

Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00 am

Welcome Remarks


9:05 am

Opening Remarks


9:10 am

Beyond AI: Tech Mega Trends to Track

We’ll talk with two top investment officers from leading robo-advisory firms about how they’re building portfolios now, the overall evolution of FinTech and how it’s impacted the investment advisory industry, and how trends like ESG and gender-lens investing are influencing their decision making.



9:40 am

Bloomberg Intelligence Presents: The Innovation Landscape


  • Jitendra Waral

    Head of Internet and Consumer Electronics, Bloomberg Intelligence

10:00 am

Innovation Spotlight: Driving the Future

In her work at Microsoft Research, Dr. Mar Gonzalez-Franco seeks to achieve strong immersive experiences using different disciplines: Virtual Reality, Avatars, computer graphics, computer vision and haptics; all while studying human behavior, perception and neuroscience. She’ll speak with Bloomberg’s Nico Grant about what she sees as the next big frontier for computer science.



10:20 am

Betting on the Favorites: Taking Stock of the Tech Heavyweights

IPO season is upon us and as Silicon Valley prints a new batch of millionaires, it’s time to take stock of tech stocks. What is the appetite for the disruptors and are investors going over or under weight on the perennial favorites? Do the FAANGS still have their bite and what about big portfolio drivers like Microsoft? We’ll talk to top strategists about the health and future of the Nasdaq 100.



11:00 am

Event Concludes


Craig Birk

Personal Capital Chief Investment Officer

Joel Brunk

Invesco Regional Director

John Frank

Invesco QQQ Strategist

Dave Gedeon

Nasdaq Global Indexes Vice President and Head of Research and Product Development

Dr. Mar Gonzalez-Franco

Microsoft Research Computer Scientist

Janet Johnston

TrimTabs Asset Management Portfolio Manager

Sylvia Kwan

Ellevest Chief Investment Officer

Jitendra Waral

Bloomberg Intelligence Head of Internet and Consumer Electronics

Lauren Berry

Bloomberg Deputy New York Bureau Chief

John Gittelsohn

Bloomberg News Reporter

Nico Grant

Bloomberg Reporter


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