July 14, 2020 | 3:00pm BST

The Future of Data-Driven Digital Commerce

The digital era made it possible for global consumers to access goods and services – regardless of their physical location – creating a borderless economy. The Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated the pace of transformation, changing our economy, society and the way in which we work, live, and shop. In order to navigate the fallout from the pandemic and subsequent changes to consumption patterns, B2C businesses have had to be nimble and innovative—and there have been benefits for companies that quickly shifted their perception on how digital commerce could be done differently. The notion that payments data fuels business growth is not new, but companies are learning that it is vital to leverage that data to make sure they come out stronger on the other side.


July 14 - Tuesday

3:00 pm

Opening Remarks


3:05 pm

Using Payments Data to Drive Smarter Business Strategy

With more people feeling wary of shopping in public places and moving from cash to contactless or digital payment methods, there’s never been a better time for B2C companies to adopt a holistic view of payments, driving a long-term boost in customer relationships. Better overall transaction experience could lead to greater consumer retention, and an improved customer experience. This panel will discuss why payments data can be the core of consumer retention, and how B2C businesses’ approach to utilizing payments data could drive better business strategies. What is the role of payments data in making strategic growth decisions during these uncertain times? Which demographics are driving sales and which new customers are moving consumption online? Which consumers are fueling the subscription economy, and can it continue to grow at unprecedented speed? Our expert panel will answer these questions and more.



3:35 pm

Embracing Digital Payments: Value Creation

Every long-term business relationship starts with a single transaction, and as more transactions become digital, businesses know and understand more about their customers than ever before. How can businesses use information gathered from the digital payments ecosystem to unlock innovation, enabling new business models and strategies, transforming existing internal operations, and boosting the global digital economy? How can payments data be leveraged to devise new channels or products and develop new revenue streams? In this panel, we delve into all of these issues to explore how the data gleaned from digital payments can create dynamic transformations and innovative offerings, driving growth in the global digital economy.



4:00 pm

Closing Remarks



Julie Deane

Founder & Chief Executive Officer The Cambridge Satchel Company

Caroline Hyde

Anchor Bloomberg Television

Guillaume Pousaz

Founder & Chief Executive Officer Checkout.com

Sebastian Siemiatkowski

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder Klarna

Amy Thomson

Technology Reporter Bloomberg News

Harriet Rees

Head of Data Science Starling Bank

Dave Montague

Senior Vice President & General Manager of eCommerce Expedia Group


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