November 20, 2019 | London

The Future of Digital Assets

2019 has been an interesting year for Cryptocurrencies. Ten years after launching, Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, started the year down over 80% against previous all-time highs – only to see its price recover in the ensuing months. With growing interest from institutions, policymakers and technologists alike, Bitcoin is once again a widely discussed – and polarizing – subject. Now, a number of sovereign banks, financial institutions and corporations are experimenting with issuing their own tokens – ensuring the debate around digital currencies is not going away anytime soon. Bloomberg convenes subject-matter experts and leading industry players to discuss the impact of digital assets a decade after Bitcoin’s emergence and the role it may play over the next ten years. What are its implications for investors, global finance, technology and beyond?

November 20 - Wednesday

8:00 am

Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00 am

Open and Welcome Remarks


9:10 am

Brexit, Global Trade Tensions and Geopolitical Uncertainty: Where Does Bitcoin Fit?

Trust in the ability of central banks to strengthen weak economies is eroding, and turmoil from the trade wars has put more pressure on markets and currencies worldwide. These factors make the decentralized nature of Bitcoin more attractive to those that want to avoid exposure to unpredictable macro forces, political leaders, interest rates and turbulence in the Forex market. But Bitcoin is still volatile and presents different issues. Is it a risk-on or risk-off asset? What should investors consider as they evaluate Bitcoin against today’s macro backdrop?



9:45 am

Examining the Role of Decentralized Networks in Light of Cold War 2.0

As American and Chinese firms compete for the buildout, and thus control, of international 5G networks, innovators have an opportunity with decentralized networks like Bitcoin. What new models are being tested and deployed on these permission-less networks? Will users ultimately opt for services that are decentralized over ones that are allied with the East or West? This panel will explore these questions and examine the broader role that decentralized networks may play in the coming years as trade wars and a more fractured internet change the international network landscape.



10:20 am

Crossing the Chasm: Towards the Professionalization of Digital Assets

As financial institutions enter the crypto market, they are driving a more mature market structure, including everything from lending to derivatives. Will Bitcoin become the foundation of new financial tools and services, or get boxed into a particular narrative and remain niche? This panel will discuss how Bitcoin is currently being utilized as a financial tool and an investment vehicle, where value is likely to accrue next, and the obstacles that remain for mainstream adoption.



10:55 am

Closing Remarks


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Alastair Marsh

Reporter, Finance and Technology Bloomberg News

Daniel Masters

Executive Chairman CoinShares

John Pfeffer

Founder Pfeffer Capital LP

Travis Kling

Founder & CIO Ikigai Asset Management

Charles McGarraugh

Head of Markets Blockchain

Kathleen Breitman

Co-Founder Tezos

Meltem Demirors

Chief Strategy Officer CoinShares

Alex Webb

Columnist Bloomberg Opinion

Julien Auchecorne

Chief Operating Officer XBTO International Ltd

Adam Grimsley

Head of Investment Solutions Prime Factor Capital

Elizabeth Rossiello

CEO & Founder AZA


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