The Global Responsible Investing Forum

December 3, 2018 | New York

Responsible investing for investors in the real world

For institutional investors today, responsible investing is more than just generating lasting returns– it’s also demonstrating how these investments can impact communities and the world around us for the better. Hear from experts on how to maximize performance while making a difference.

December 3 - Monday

1:00 pm

Doors Open for Registration and Pre-Event Networking

1:30 pm

Opening Remarks


1:35 pm

Redefining Responsible Investing

What does responsible investing mean to institutional investors in today’s economy? What are the ways investors can have a lasting impact on the world? Why do the UN Sustainable Development Goals matter for business? Two pioneers who continue to redefine responsible investing will share their innovative strategies for driving positive impact while generating strong performance.



2:00 pm

Moving Beyond the Performance Penalty

According to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, 26 percent of assets under professional management globally are invested using responsible strategies. We’ll take a data-focused look at how asset managers are using responsible investing strategies to outperform traditional investments.



2:25 pm

RI Spotlight on ‘E’: Perfectly Imperfect: Making the Most of the Food We Produce

Christine Moseley saw 20 billion pounds of cosmetically imperfect or unharvested food being wasted each year. Her company, Full Harvest, set out to change that, and is transforming the food industry in the process. Moseley will explain how reducing food waste is also good for businesses and farms.


2:35 pm

RI in the Real World ‘E’: Investing in Natural Resources

Food and water scarcity is driving investment in conservation, sustainable forestry and agriculture, redevelopment of polluted sites, sustainable waste management projects, and water infrastructure. Our solutions-driven panel will discuss how investment in the environment also drives business value.



3:05 pm

Nuveen Partner Spotlight: The RI Evolution

Responsible investing has evolved significantly over the past two decades– in size, scope, and value of these investments. Our speakers explore RI’s growth and development and offer their predictions on what’s to come and how that may impact future investments.


  • Stephen M. Liberatore

    Responsible Investing Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at TIAA Investments, An Affiliate of Nuveen

  • Fran Seegull

    Executive Director, U.S. Impact Investing Alliance

3:25 pm

Networking Break

3:45 pm

RI Spotlight on ‘S’: Sustainable Cities for Tomorrow’s World

Investing in building sustainable and inclusive cities promotes the wellbeing of citizens and the environment, spurring positive economic growth. TH Real Estate’s Abigail Dean will highlight her personal and professional journey investing in tomorrow’s world.


  • Abigail Dean

    Head of Sustainability, TH Real Estate, An Affiliate of Nuveen

3:55 pm

RI in the Real World ‘S’: Driving Social Change

Urban areas present unique challenges and opportunities for investing in social good. Experts share how investment can solve major urban challenges and generate returns.



  • Rob Day

    General Partner, Spring Lane Capital

  • Abigail Dean

    Head of Sustainability, TH Real Estate, An Affiliate of Nuveen

  • Martin Powell

    Global Head, Urban Development Practice Head of Centre of Competence, Cities Americas, Siemens Corporation

4:25 pm

RI in the Real World ‘G’: Building an Inclusive Corporate Environment

Companies that address key ESG factors through effective governance tend to be stronger financial performers in the long run. Leaders share their experiences in building inclusive cultures and why diversity has an impact on a company’s bottom line.


  • Lauren Kiel

    Director, Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summits


  • Margaret Foran

    Chief Governance Officer, Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary, Prudential Financial, Inc.

  • Seema Hingorani

    Founder and Chair, Girls Who Invest

  • Tony Steadman

    Principal, Global Industry & Americas Org Transformation Leader – Client Services Partner, EY

4:45 pm

Governance in the Boardroom and Beltway

Carlos Gutierrez has a storied career; rising through the ranks at Kellogg’s, in 1999 he became the company’s youngest CEO in the company’s history, boosting the company’s sales. In 2004, he became the Secretary of Commerce under President George W. Bush. Today, he is Co-Chair of Albright Stonebridge Group, a global strategic advisory firm. In this one-on-one interview he will discuss how to put good governance ideas into practice and how public and private sectors can work together to achieve better outcomes.



5:25 pm

Closing Remarks


5:35 pm

Networking Reception


Ramy Inocencio

Bloomberg Television Anchor

Peggy Collins

Bloomberg News U.S. Investing Team Leader

Vijay Advani

Nuveen, The Investment Manager of TIAA CEO

Emily Chasan

Bloomberg Sustainable Finance Editor

Alex Bernhardt

Mercer Investments US Responsible Investment Leader

Christine Moseley

Full Harvest Founder & CEO

Saadia Madsbjerg

The Rockefeller Foundation Managing Director

Tom Murray

EDF & Business Vice President

Stephen M. Liberatore

An Affiliate of Nuveen Responsible Investing Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at TIAA Investments

Fran Seegull

U.S. Impact Investing Alliance Executive Director

Abigail Dean

An Affiliate of Nuveen Head of Sustainability, TH Real Estate

Eric Roston

Bloomberg Sustainability Editor

Rob Day

Spring Lane Capital General Partner

Martin Powell

Siemens Corporation Global Head, Urban Development Practice Head of Centre of Competence, Cities Americas

Lauren Kiel

Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summits Director

Margaret Foran

Prudential Financial, Inc. Chief Governance Officer, Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary

Seema Hingorani

Girls Who Invest Founder and Chair

Tony Steadman

EY Principal, Global Industry & Americas Org Transformation Leader – Client Services Partner

Vonnie Quinn

Bloomberg News Anchor, Bloomberg Markets Americas

Carlos Gutierrez

Albright Stonebridge Group Chair

Margo L. Cook

President of Nuveen Advisory Services

Founding Presenter

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