18 September | London

Inventing the Future

The past few decades were characterized by game-changing technologies that radically altered business, public and private life, changing the way we live and work. Innovations such as the personal computer, social media, and the rise of mobile and cloud computing each ushered in a wave of innovation that made the present moment seem dramatically different from the one that preceded it. Inventing the Future focuses on tomorrow’s revolutionary technologies and the innovative leaps these breakthroughs are likely to inspire for decades to come.

September 18 - Tuesday

8:00 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:00 am

Opening Remarks

9:20 am

Cybersecurity, Data and Privacy in the Age of Digitisation

The digital transformation of business in all sectors can bring huge operational advantages, increasing flexibility for employees and creating a competitive advantage for companies that digitise--but the more data there is to manage, the more vulnerable that very data is to attack. This discussion will offer the expertise of established cybersecurity experts focused on mitigating the risks to the collection, storage and analysis of big data that cyber-attacks pose.


9:45 am

Digital Defence: Taking on the Cybersecurity Threats Endangering Tomorrow's Tech

Innovations like blockchain and the Internet of Things may still be evolving and reshaping the corporate landscape, but the threats related to these breakthrough technologies are already commonplace. This panel examines the risks that corporate cyber-defence teams must work to mitigate before investing and implementing new technologies.


  • Nate Lanxon

    European Technology Reporter and Editor, Bloomberg


10:15 am

Condoning Crypto: Estimating the Impact of Likely Regulation on Cryptocurrency Markets

As cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity as an asset class, the likelihood that governments and regulators will step in to protect consumers and prevent systemic risk is on the rise. While regulation would give these markets legitimacy, they could also prove limiting. How will cryptocurrency markets react if the exchanges are soon regulated, and what effect would reclassification as a financial asset have?


  • Dan Morgan

    Head of Regulatory Relations, Europe, Ripple

10:45 am

Presentation: Will Artificial Intelligence Revolutionise Pharma?


11:00 am

Pharma and the AI Transformation

AI is radically disrupting the pharmaceutical industry, as the availability of data is transforming the drug development process and by streamlining the supply chain and production process. We speak to executives in pharma to find out how they're collaborating with AI startups to revolutionise drug research, development and production.


Robert Hannigan

BlueVoyant Europe; Former Director, GCHQ Chairman

Nate Lanxon

Bloomberg European Technology Reporter and Editor

Nicole Eagan

Darktrace CEO

Ryan Radloff

CoinShares CEO

Dan Morgan

Ripple Head of Regulatory Relations, Europe

Elizabeth Krutoholow

Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Healthcare Analyst - Specialist Pharma and Biotech


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