November 8 | Atlanta

The Modern CFO
Leading the Next Productivity Boom

Financial decisions are being driven by emerging technologies that will usher in a new wave of productivity and accelerate growth. As more operations become automated and decision makers look to embrace powerful new technologies such as Cloud, AI, IOT, blockchain, and cognitive computing, how does the Modern CFO navigate through this technological disruption and how does is it impact our society and economy?


New technologies present an opportunity for companies to re-invent and transform their business processes. CFOs and finance leaders are well-positioned to lead the effort and embrace new capabilities to help them innovate today.


Bloomberg convenes CFOs, across industries, to hear and share insights during this exclusive dinner and networking program.

November 8 - Thursday

6:00 pm

Registration & Networking

7:00 pm

Welcome Remarks, Dinner


7:05 pm

Opening Remarks


  • Bob Florance

    Regional Applications Manager , Oracle Corporation

7:10 pm

Future CFO: Balancing the Role While Embracing Tech

For the CFO of the future it’s all about being resilient in the age of digital transformation. The financial chief of today is tasked with balancing the traditional responsibilities of the role, while at the same time finding ways to adopt emerging technologies in order to boost productivity, streamline operations, and proposer economically. But for many large organizations, moving fast and embracing tech like Blockchain, artificial intelligence, automation, IoT, and data analytics through the cloud can feel like uncharted territory. So, who better to hear from than the C-Suite leaders diving head first into the technology revolution? We’ll gather leaders in the space to discuss the opportunities and challenges, real world use cases, and how they feel tech is helping them gain an edge.



7:40 pm

Banking on Blockchain

Blockchain technology is still in its infancy but it has the potential to transform entire industries, especially the financial sector. When a trade is made, the capital can be tied up for days, to fix that, Wall Street is experimenting with the distributed ledger technology to speed up trade confirmations and settlements, simplify back-office functions and modernize the current system. In this panel you’ll hear from the pioneers in the financial industry who are using Blockchain to secure and upgrade post-trade infrastructure and change the way banks do business.


  • John McEwan

    Chief Financial Officer, Brightwell

  • Susan Cosgrove

    Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation


8:05 pm

Cybersecurity, For the C-Suite

The growing pressure to protect customer data isn’t just a problem for the IT department. Increased security budgets, and growing incidents, are putting CFOs directly in the crosshairs. From service provides to insurance, we drill down on how technology and security go hand. We’ll examine how cybersecurity is affecting budgets, how to calculate risk and how incident costs reactively vs. proactively puts pressure on budgets. You’ll hear from c-level leaders on the vulnerabilities and how they find cost-effective solutions for the worst-case scenario.



8:35 pm

Closing Remarks, Networking



Mandeep Singh

Senior Analyst Technology Bloomberg L.P.

Bob Florance

Regional Applications Manager  Oracle Corporation

Pietro Mazzotti

Chief Financial Officer SCM Group USA

Rick Lynch

Chief Financial Officer Mailchimp

Dhiraj Cherian

Chief Financial Officer Panasonic Automotive

Annie Massa

Investing Reporter Bloomberg

John McEwan

Chief Financial Officer Brightwell

Susan Cosgrove

Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

Jim Burgess

Deputy CISO Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Jack Huffard

COO & Co-Founder Tenable

Jeanette Wade

Chief Financial Officer The Executive Office of Technology Services and Security


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