July 19, 2018 | San Francisco

Power Moves:
Leading Diversity in the Workplace

For today’s global businesses diverse teams are shown to be more creative, innovative, and profitable; and companies are learning more and more they can draw upon our nation’s diversity to strengthen their bottom lines and achieve an ideal workplace and society. In this way, diversity is a key ingredient to growing a strong and inclusive economy that’s built to last, yet we still have to overcome trust and cultural differences to truly embrace inclusion. We’ll gather business leaders and academics who can speak to why these power moves matter and look to inspire today’s generation of executives to follow suit.

July 19 - Thursday

4:30 pm

Registration & Networking Reception

5:00 pm

Welcome Remarks


5:05 pm

Opening Remarks


  • Alessa Quane

    Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, AIG

5:10 pm

Changing the Culture from Within

For today's executives changing the culture from within requires action and movement, not just a mandate. We are at an inflection point on the issue of diversity that requires deep organizational introspection on what got us here and what we can collectively do to move forward. In a thoughtful discussion about just how this can, and is being done, we'll feature some of the executives leading the charge to change their cultures from the inside.


  • Jolen Anderson

    Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Counsel Employment and Corporate Social Responsibility Diversity and Inclusion, Visa

  • Tariq Meyers

    Global Head of Belonging & Inclusion, Coinbase


5:35 pm

To Empowerment and Beyond

In order to achieve leadership parity in an expedited timeline, as businesses and society we need to start empowering women at an earlier age, and stage, in their careers. That includes giving them the freedom to get the training they need, empowering them with the self-confidence to ask for that raise and draw from their life experiences to broaden the company's strategies, and also creating an atmosphere that nurtures family life with flexibility and supporting benefits. Bloomberg will pull from the over 100 companies in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index already leading on this issue to gain insights as to how to empower women at every level and lean in even further.



6:00 pm

Presentation Unconscious Bias

We all have unconscious bias, but what is it exactly? Bloomberg presents an interactive diversity exercise to help you become more aware of your own unconscious bias, recognize how it can adversely impact hiring and recruiting efforts and we'll discuss actionable strategies you can implement within your organization.


6:15 pm

Executive Spotlight: The Top Down Approach


  • Art Peck

    President and Chief Executive Officer, Gap Inc.


6:35 pm

Closing Remarks, Cocktail Reception

7:30 pm

Event Concludes


Emily Chang

Bloomberg Television Anchor

Alessa Quane

AIG Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer

Jolen Anderson

Visa Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Counsel Employment and Corporate Social Responsibility Diversity and Inclusion

Tariq Meyers

Coinbase Global Head of Belonging & Inclusion

Amy Bohutinsky

Zillow Chief Operating Officer

Janice Bryant Howroyd

The ActOne Group Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Randall Tucker

Mastercard Chief Inclusion Officer

Samantha Santos

Bloomberg Diversity & Inclusion, Head of the Americas

Art Peck

Gap Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer


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