August 9, 2020 | Tokyo Olympics

Bloomberg Power Players Summit

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 have been postponed. We will notify audiences when a new date for the Power Players Summit is determined.


The Olympic Games have been a platform for a number of technological advancements over the years: in 1960 it was live television broadcasting; 1964 saw the debut of the Shinkansen high speed rail; in 2012 mobile TV on smartphones hit the mainstream. For 2020 it will be artificial intelligence.

From practical uses in security and mobility, to more entertaining uses in robo-mascots and track and field assistants – Tokyo 2020 will see the full potential of artificial intelligence revealed to the world like never before.

Against this backdrop, the Bloomberg Power Players Summit will head to the Olympics and convene celebrated athletes and business leaders to identify how artificial intelligence will revolutionize the global sports industry.

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Lucy Tarbard