April 25, 2019 | San Francisco

The Rise of 5G:
Empowering the Next Enterprise Evolution

For today’s business leaders and senior technology executives, many want to know just how fast 5G will be. While we still don’t know with certainty — the impact of 5G wireless networks could be far more dramatic than speed alone. Better resolution, significantly lower latency and new capacity can transform industries, unlocking the full potential of the enterprise network and drive new investments around mobility, IoT, AI, and customer experience. While consumers are likely to drive demand for 5G devices, connectivity promises to be a major force in enterprise adoption.

Bloomberg will convene senior leaders across industries to explore how 5G networks can empower business leaders to collaborate, transform ecosystems and solve some of the world’s most critical challenges. From improving efficiencies of remote work to making AI-powered devices smarter and safer, 5G is expected to open new worlds of possibility for visionaries and pragmatists alike.

April 25 - Thursday

8:00 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:00 am

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9:10 am

Connectivity: Transforming the Enterprise Ecosystem

There is a worldwide race to adopt 5G and Enterprise executives are paving the way for the speedy next generation wireless technology.  Cloud infrastructure and advancements in machine learning, paired with 5G can create new revenue streams, cut costs and increase profitability for enterprises and consumers.

We’ll examine how technologies such as drones and augmented reality could be enhanced and how large businesses are embracing 5G to drive future innovations of IoT, forge alliances with telecom companies and startups and invest in new architecture to boost productivity in their organizations and beat the competition.


  • Steve Canepa

    Global Managing Director, IBM Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment Industry

  • Beth Devin

    Managing Director & Head of Innovation Network & Emerging Technology, Citi Ventures

  • Quinn Li

    Senior Vice President & Global Head, Qualcomm Ventures

  • Ulf Ewaldsson

    Senior Vice President of Technology Transformation, T-Mobile


9:40 am

The Future Of Work

In the past few years we have seen a dramatic shift in the workplace, roles dramatically reshaped or replaced by robots, remote workers becoming more prevalent, and businesses relocating offices to more cost-efficient cities.

We’ll take a look at the impact 5G technology has on jobs. Will more companies shift to shared work spaces or relocate as telecommuters continue to grow. How do companies ensure clients and employees interact in a meaningful way in this environment? What human skills will be required to manage emerging technologies and how can we empower our children and existing employees to tackle the jobs of the future.



10:10 am

5G: The Race to Reality


  • Jitendra Waral

    Head of Internet and Consumer Electronics, Bloomberg Intelligence

10:25 am

IoT Secure

To succeed in a world of intense disruption where technology like IoT, 5G and big data analytics are transforming the way companies handle everything from decision making to customer service it’s imperative for c-suite leaders to not only adapt new technologies at a rapid pace; but to also make cyber security a top priority.  As hacks grow in sophistication, companies are increasingly vulnerable and a security breach could cost millions of dollars, destroy customer trust and c-suite level careers.

Executives will share their views on how they are adopting a more proactive approach to securing critical data and preventing insider threats as they adopt 5G ecosystems and innovate their respective businesses.



10:55 am

Closing Remarks


11:00 am



Selina Wang

Reporter Bloomberg News

Michael Katz

Executive Vice President T-Mobile for Business

Steve Canepa

Global Managing Director IBM Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment Industry

Beth Devin

Managing Director & Head of Innovation Network & Emerging Technology Citi Ventures

Quinn Li

Senior Vice President & Global Head Qualcomm Ventures

Ulf Ewaldsson

Senior Vice President of Technology Transformation T-Mobile

Colleen Berube

Chief Information Officer Zendesk

Cathy Southwick

Chief Information Officer Pure Storage

Nico Grant

Reporter Bloomberg

Jitendra Waral

Head of Internet and Consumer Electronics Bloomberg Intelligence

Asaf Ashkenazi

Chief Strategy Officer Inside Secure

Nicole Eagan

CEO Darktrace

Tim Junio

CEO and Founder Expanse

Presenting Sponsor

T-Mobile for Business brings the Un-carrier experience to customers unwilling to settle. With a network that now covers 99% of Americans, the nation’s most advanced 4G LTE, and in hot pursuit of nationwide 5G, T-Mobile continues solving industry painpoints and has businesses of all sizes ready for the future of wireless.