June 11-12, 2019 | Central Hall Westminster, London

Sooner Than You Think London

Sooner Than You Think is Bloomberg’s flagship technology series, with annual editions in North America, Asia and Europe. This June, the series arrives in Westminster, attracting 600+ technology leaders.

Change is coming.

Sooner than you think.

Backed by the unmatched data and analytical power of Bloomberg’s global resources, Sooner Than You Think London delivers bankable insight into the near-future of business and innovation and the market forces and technological breakthroughs already transforming our global economy.

Uncertainty has come to define our time, as market volatility, climate change, political instability and disruptive innovation upend centuries of commerce, culture and tradition. The result: Risks and opportunities that will occur Sooner Than You Think.

What does the near-future of work look like as digital transformation changes the way companies do business? What changes are reshaping mobility as we stand on the cusp of a driverless, pilotless, ownerless revolution? What can we expect in global commerce as the role of banks shifts, currencies are decentralized and cash tender becomes obsolete? And what does the future hold for London — the city that has defined Europe’s tech scene — as it seeks to redefine itself and its relationship with Europe.

Join us at Central Hall Westminster, in the heart of London for Sooner Than You Think on June 11-12 as Bloomberg brings together the sharpest minds on the planet to answer these vital questions.

June 11 - Tuesday

3:00 pm

Registration and Networking

4:00 pm

Welcome Remarks


  • Brad Stone

    Senior Executive Editor, Global Tech, Bloomberg

4:05 pm

Smart Cities: Using Technology to Improve the Lives of Urban Citizens

From the mundane but critical (refuse collection) to the profound and aspirational (creating job opportunities for every resident), technology can improve a city’s quality of life, expand its economic potential and bring more transparency to the decisions of its leaders. Creating a “smart city” is more than utilizing cutting-edge technologies-it’s about leaders understanding how to harness the power of innovation to improve the lives of their constituents.



4:35 pm

STYT Spotlight on Financial Inclusion

Bloomberg ’s Brad Stone sits down with PayPal President and CEO Dan Schulman for a discussion of how technology can help promote financial inclusion to unbanked populations all over the world.


  • Brad Stone

    Senior Executive Editor, Global Tech, Bloomberg


5:00 pm

The Business Case for Investing in Tech for Good

Legendary entrepreneur and tech investor Niklas Zennstrom and the founders of two of Atomico’s portfolio companies sit down with Bloomberg ’s Caroline Hyde, to make the case for why companies with a focus on social good make some of the most viable and scalable businesses.



5:35 pm

Driving Equality in Tech through Inclusive Innovation

To what extent are leaders in technology helping to inspire greater diversity and inclusion in the sector? What still needs to be done to inspire further equality practices and ensure more diverse representation in companies? Our panel examines the status quo and discusses the technologies in use now that are working to deliver a more equitable tomorrow.



6:10 pm

Closing Remarks


  • Brad Stone

    Senior Executive Editor, Global Tech, Bloomberg

6:30 pm

Special Session: Dinner and Evening Program

The Future of Data: Sooner Than You Think
Proudly sponsored by NetApp

From 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm, Bloomberg presents an exclusive dinner and evening program on The Future of Data. As organizations collect data and shift their infrastructure to the cloud, how will business models and revenues change? How are artificial intelligence, IoT and automation reshaping industries? How will data collection and analysis enable companies and societies to transform? And what does the future look like for London as technology and data is applied to smart city initiatives to improve the quality of life?

Limited seating is available for this exclusive dinner and program. Separate registration is required. To inquire about attending, email us at blive@bloomberg.net.


June 12 - Wednesday

8:00 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:00 am

Welcome Remarks


9:05 am

High Street Re-imagined: The Transforming Retail Landscape

E-commerce maven Dame Natalie Massenet discusses the ongoing transformation of the retail landscape and what it takes to build a billion-dollar e-commerce business in today’s retail environment.



  • Natalie Massenet

    Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner, Imaginary Ventures; Founder, Net-A-Porter

9:25 am

Regulating Technology: Striking the Balance Between Data Privacy, Innovation and Freedom of Speech

In an era technological mistrust, what firms do with our data and how they guard our privacy is now a topic that elicits global public suspicion. How can internet and tech firms work with regulators to help restore public confidence? This conversation focuses on how tech and government can work to achieve an acceptable balance between remaining open, innovative sources for good, while preventing data breaches and the spread of hateful, manipulative content.



10:00 am

AI to Digital and Workplace Transformation

AI is at the heart of digital transformation initiatives and while there is not a one-size fits all solution, it is clearly bringing a lot of changes to the workplace. Bloomberg Intelligence’s Mandeep Singh will go over the top use cases of AI across industries and how they tie in with the gig-economy.


10:10 am

AI's Arrival: What Next?

It ’s been said that Artificial Intelligence is coming for our jobs, will disrupt entire sectors and has the power to drastically change our way of life-but the technology is already in use. What impact is AI having now, and how exactly can we expect it to affect businesses in the near future? Our panel separates the reality from the hype.



10:40 am

In Conversation with a Senior U.K. Cabinet Minister


11:10 am

The Future of Work and the Modern Workplace

The way we work is constantly evolving. Physically, workplaces are being built with collaboration, interaction and flexibility at the heart of their designs. Digitally, the manner by which global teams and individuals work and collaborate is becoming more efficient and connected. As change accelerates, how will this continued disruption impact the next generation of workers and their workplaces?


  • Brad Stone

    Senior Executive Editor, Global Tech, Bloomberg


11:40 am

Delivering Results: The Food Delivery Market Heats Up

Fresh off a Series G funding round led by Amazon, British restaurant delivery giant Deliveroo is continuing its expansion. Co-Founder and CEO Will Shu explains what’s next for the company as the competitive landscape in the food delivery business heats up.



12:05 pm

Establishing London as Tomorrow’s International Tech Hub

London for many years has been the beating heart of Europe’s tech scene. As we move closer toward the unknown repercussions of Brexit, will we see established tech firms, and the start-ups of tomorrow continuing to choose London as their preferred destination for future growth?



  • Jo Bertram

    Chief Digital & Strategy Officer, O2

  • Sherry Coutu

    Chair of Raspberry Pi (Trading), Founders4Schools, Workfinder & The Scaleup Institute

  • Ronan Harris

    Managing Director, Google UK & Ireland

  • Russ Shaw

    Founder, Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates

12:35 pm

In Conversation with Jeremy Wright, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport



1:00 pm

Networking Lunch

2:30 pm

Tomorrow's Transport: Uber's Race to Disrupt Mobility, Yet Again

Ridesharing juggernaut Uber is invested in everything from self-driving cars to flying taxis, as it continues to expand its presence in Europe. Uber’s Head of EMEA Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty sits down with Bloomberg ’s Brad Stone for a conversation about the company ’s most exciting moonshots.


  • Brad Stone

    Senior Executive Editor, Global Tech, Bloomberg


2:55 pm

Mobility Makeover: Innovating the Next Mode of Sustainable, Safe and Convenient Personal Transportation

From flying electric taxis to self-driving cars and self-powered scooter rentals, the outlook for how we get around suddenly looks very futuristic. Our panel explains how their companies are innovating new and more efficient ways to move about.



3:25 pm

Banking – A Business Model Disrupted?

As challenger banks become increasingly established and the number of new, predominantly app-based entrants, continues to grow, what are the implications for the traditional banking sector? Will Fintechs and challenger banks take the place of those incumbent financial institutions they disrupted, or will they be bought and assimilated by traditional banks? This panel will discuss whether we have reached the moment of peak disruption in banking.



3:55 pm

Networking Break

4:25 pm

Building a Satellite Network in Space to Make Life Better on Earth

How can a network of satellites orbiting hundreds of kilometers away make life better for people on earth? Swarm ’s small, low-cost satellites help make network access available to people all over the world, while the satellite imagery that Planet Labs captures daily helps people on earth gather data and monitor changes. Bloomberg ’s Ashlee Vance sits down with the CEOs of these two companies that are working to utilize micro-satellites to change the way we look at and move about our world.



5:05 pm

Technology Takes the Field: Tottenham Hotspur's Innovative New Stadium

Since planning for its new home began, Tottenham Hotspur F.C.’s stadium has become an iconic project for its use of modern technology and creation of next generation customer experience. This conversation delves into the details of this technological breakthrough in sport.



  • Sanjeev Katwa

    Chief Technology Officer, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

  • Marc Waters

    Managing Director UK&I, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

5:25 pm

Closing Remarks


  • Brad Stone

    Senior Executive Editor, Global Tech, Bloomberg

5:30 pm

Closing Reception


Mitchell Baker

Chairwoman Mozilla

Clare Barclay

Chief Operating Officer Microsoft UK

Kathy Baxter

Architect, Ethical AI Practice Salesforce

Jo Bertram

Chief Digital & Strategy Officer O2

Theo Blackwell

Chief Digital Officer Mayor of London

Anne Boden

Founder and CEO Starling Bank

Dimitra Christakou

Membership Director WISE

Sherry Coutu

Chair of Raspberry Pi (Trading), Founders4Schools, Workfinder & The Scaleup Institute

Marjan Delatinne

Global Head of Banking Ripple

Helen Dixon

Data Protection Commissioner Irish Data Protection Commission

Natalia Drozdiak

European Technology Reporter Bloomberg News

Dr. Remo Gerber

Chief Commercial Officer Lilium

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty

Vice President, International Rides Uber

Ivo Gormley

Founder and Chief Executive GoodGym

Ronan Harris

Managing Director Google UK & Ireland

Caroline Hazlehurst

Director of EMEA Operations Bird

Cal Henderson

CTO and Co-founder Slack

Taavet Hinrikus

Co-founder and Chairman TransferWise

Vivian Hunt

Managing Partner McKinsey & Company, UK and Ireland

Caroline Hyde

Anchor Bloomberg Television

George Johnston

Founder Nitrous and Tech City Ventures

Jeremy Kahn

Senior Reporter Bloomberg News

Sanjeev Katwa

Chief Technology Officer Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

Francine Lacqua

Anchor Bloomberg Television

Nate Lanxon

European Technology Editor Bloomberg

Anthony Lye

SVP and GM, Cloud Data Services NetApp

Will Marshall

Co-Founder and CEO Planet

Natalie Massenet

Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner Imaginary Ventures; Founder, Net-A-Porter

Marie Mawad

Reporter Global Tech Bloomberg

Helen Mayhew

Chief Operating Officer for Europe QuantumBlack, a McKinsey Company

Osnat Michaeli

Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer infarm

John Micklethwait

Editor-in-Chief Bloomberg

Katherine Oliver

Principal Bloomberg Associates

Scott Penberthy

Director of Applied AI Google

Alicia Asín Pérez

CEO Libelium

Christopher Pieroni

Operations Director Workspace Group PLC

Jenny Rowlands

Chief Executive Camden Council

Dan Schulman

President and CEO PayPal

Russ Shaw

Founder Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates

Will Shu

Co-Founder and CEO Deliveroo

Mandeep Singh

Senior Analyst Technology Bloomberg L.P.

Sara Spangelo

Co-founder and CEO Swarm Technologies

Brad Stone

Senior Executive Editor, Global Tech Bloomberg

Maximilian Tayenthal

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer N26

Nigel Toon

Co-founder and CEO Graphcore

Giles Turner

European Technology Editor Bloomberg News

Uma Valeti

CEO & Co-Founder Memphis Meats

Ashlee Vance

Writer Bloomberg Businessweek

Marc Waters

Managing Director UK&I Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Alex Webb

Columnist Bloomberg Opinion

Jeremy Wright

Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

Lauren Sager Weinstein

Chief Data Officer Transport for London

Azmat Yusuf

Founder and CEO Citymapper

Niklas Zennström

CEO & Founding Partner Atomico

Emily Brooke

Founder & Exec Chair Beryl

Timothy Hentschel

Co-founder and CEO HotelPlanner.com

Paul Robson

President EMEA Adobe

Alexander Wallner

Senior Vice President & General Manager EMEA NetApp

Why Attend

  • Be educated and inspired through groundbreaking discussions on the future of mobility, money and work
  • Join C-level executives and more from tech companies and enterprises, including finance, government, telecoms, retail, media, as well as leading investors and start-ups
  • Get cutting-edge insights into the latest technologies on the Innovation Stage, an area at the heart of the event’s networking space
  • Connect with investors and meet collaborators who can help drive your business forward

“Bloomberg’s decision to bring Sooner Than You Think to the UK highlights its status as Europe’s leading tech hub. It will be a great opportunity to showcase our fantastic firms and talent to global leaders and investors. I’m looking forward to discussing what the future will hold for this vital, groundbreaking sector.”
Jeremy Wright, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

“With 2018 having been another great year for venture capital investment in UK tech with investment totalling £6.3bn, this couldn’t be a more exciting time to showcase the UK’s burgeoning tech scene. We’re delighted to join the UK Government in supporting Sooner Than You Think London, which will help educate the audience on the near-future of business and innovation as well as the technological breakthroughs already transforming our global economy.”
Gerard Grech, CEO, Tech Nation

You can download Tech Nation’s 2019 Report here,  which has been the UK’s State of the Nation report on tech since 2015. It monitors the growth of the sector and provides information about opportunities and challenges.

Companies registered include:

Amazon | BAE Systems Applied Intelligence | Barclays | BNP Paribas | BP | Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. | Credit Suisse | Deliveroo | Deutsche Bank | eBay | Equinix | Eurocarparts | First State Investments | Formula E | Google | GVC Group | Hays plc | Henkel AG & Co. | IBM | Interxion | Jaguar Land Rover | London Stock Exchange Group | Mastercard | Merrill Lynch | Microsoft | PayPal | Qualcomm Ventures | SAP | Saudi Telecommunications Company | Starling Bank | Uber | UBS | WeWork






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The UK is home to world-renowned researchers, top universities and a hugely talented workforce. In fact,  four out of the top 10 global universities are located here and more than 2.1 million people are employed in the digital and tech economy.

Startups and global multinationals are drawn to the UK, recognising it as it as the best place to help them stay ahead thanks to our first-rate business environment. Last year venture capital investment reached $7.9bn (£6.3bn) billion and the country continues to produce the highest number of tech businesses valued at more than $1bn in Europe.

The UK has a long history of developing pioneering tech and has produced trailblazers such as Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing and Sir Tim Berners Lee.

The UK Government is determined to see this fantastic success continue and through our modern industrial strategy we creating the conditions to help use the power of technology to change people’s lives for the better.

We are also working closely with industry leaders to make sure tomorrow’s emerging technologies are developed here and nurture the best minds to work in our world-leading sector.

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Google Cloud is widely recognised as a global leader in delivering a secure, open, intelligent and transformative enterprise cloud platform. Our technology is built on Google’s private network and is the product of nearly 20 years of innovation in security, network architecture, collaboration, artificial intelligence and open source software. We offer a simply engineered set of tools and unparalleled technology across Google Cloud Platform and G Suite that help bring people, insights and ideas together. Customers across more than 150 countries trust Google Cloud to modernise their computing environment for today’s digital world.

Google Cloud’s portfolio of products, services and tools enable customers to modernise their operations for today’s digital world. Google Cloud touches every layer of the business and includes: Google Cloud Platform with offerings that span storage, infrastructure, networking, data, analytics and app development; machine learning tools and APIs; G Suite’s collaboration and productivity tools; enterprise Maps APIs; and Android phones, tablets and Chromebooks for the enterprise.

We are a global management consulting firm that serves a broad mix of private, public, and social sector institutions. We help our clients make significant and lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. We have built on nearly a century of experience and added a wide range of new skills and capabilities to create a firm that is uniquely equipped to this task. At McKinsey, we help our clients drive significant and lasting tech-enabled transformations. Our cross-functional teams combine the latest technological innovations with deep industry, functional, and digital, analytics and design expertise. From optimizing core technology and automating operations to building entirely new digital businesses, we work side-by-side with our clients to prepare them to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a global technology leader focused on developing intelligent solutions that allow customers to capture, analyze and act upon data seamlessly from edge to cloud. HPE enables customers to accelerate business outcomes by driving new business models, creating new customer and employee experiences, and increasing operational efficiency today and into the future.

Salesforce is the global leader in customer relationship management (CRM), bringing companies closer to their customers in the digital age. Founded in 1999, Salesforce enables companies of every size and industry to take advantage of powerful technologies—cloud, mobile, social, internet of things, and artificial intelligence—to connect with their customers in a whole new way. The Salesforce Customer Success Platform includes industry-leading services spanning sales, service, marketing, commerce, communities, collaboration and industries, all on a single trusted cloud platform. The company is ranked #1 on Fortune’s World’s Best Workplaces list, and Forbes has ranked the company one of the world’s most innovative companies for seven years in a row.

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NetApp is the data authority for hybrid cloud. We provide a full range of hybrid cloud data services that simplify management of applications and data across cloud and on-premises environments to accelerate digital transformation. Together with our partners, we empower global organizations to unleash the full potential of their data to expand customer touchpoints, foster greater innovation, and optimize their operations. For more information, visit www.netapp.com. #DataDriven

Tech Nation works to ensure the UK is the best place in the world to imagine, start and grow a digital tech business. Its mission is to empower ambitious tech entrepreneurs to grow faster through knowledge and connections and to build a UK economy that is fit for the next generation. It does this by running growth programmes, including the Future Fifty, Upscale, Rising Stars, Fintech and Cyber programmes, developing digital entrepreneurship skills through its online Digital Business Academy, through its visa scheme for exceptional talent and by championing the UK’s digital sector through data, stories and media campaigns, including the annual Tech Nation Report. As part of Tech Nation’s mission to become a truly national network of ambitious tech entrepreneurs, Tech Nation are establishing regional presence across 11 key tech clusters, to connect on a local level and to help the next generation of UK-based tech entrepreneurs raise their game through knowledge, skills, resources and connections.

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Established in 1933 with a fleet of five aircraft, Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines today has a fleet of 335 (passenger and cargo) aircraft flying to 309 worldwide destinations (259 international and 50 domestic) across 124 countries – more countries and international destinations than any other airline.

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While on board, passengers can enjoy a truly unique flying experience with a team of internationally acclaimed ‘Flying Chefs’ preparing a mix of Turkish and international cuisine depending on passenger tastes. While movie and music fans will be able to choose from thousands of films and albums all while at 39,000ft.

Turkish Airlines is also the number one choice for travelling sporting enthusiasts, offering all passengers the chance to fly one full set of golf clubs for free on all flights, as well as one full diving set per passenger, on select routes to some of the world’s top diving destinations, including Bali.

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Tech London Advocates is a network of more than 6,000 tech leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in London, across the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide.

Proudly independent, private sector-led and not backed by government, Tech London Advocates fundamentally believes that London is one of the world’s leading tech hubs.

Tech London Advocates is part of Global Tech Advocates.

techUK represents the companies and technologies that are defining today the world that we will live in tomorrow.
More than 900 companies are members of techUK. Collectively they employ approximately 700,000 people, about half of all tech sector jobs in the UK. These companies range from leading FTSE 100 companies to new innovative start-ups. The majority of our members are small and medium-sized businesses.

2018 Highlights

Sooner Than You Think Paris

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Sooner Than You Think London