Singapore | 5 September 2019

Sooner Than You Think

This fall in Singapore, we’ll take a deep dive into the technologies and debates that are changing artificial intelligence — indeed that are changing many of the basic assumptions of our daily lives including the very future of life itself.

Change is coming. Sooner than you think.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is both the stuff of Terminator-esque, end-of-humanity scenarios and an invisible but steadily increasing part of our daily lives.

Companies and governments are investing heavily in this space. AI related technologies could unlock up to $15.4 trillion in annual business value worldwide. Some experts think AI will create more jobs; others say it will put millions out of work. Even without killing jobs, AI may reinforce inequality and erode civil liberties. It could lead to humans living longer. It may tame climate change. The potential is limitless. So are the consequences.

The biggest concrete concern is that today’s AI is, ironically, too often frustratingly stupid or opaque in reaching a conclusion. And there remains doubts on whether artificial general intelligence is even feasible.

Join us in Singapore as we side step the hype to uncover the real potential of artificial intelligence.

September 5 - Thursday

8:00 am

Registration Opens & Welcome Refreshments

8:55 am

Welcoming Remarks

9:00 am


  • Opening Keynote
  • The AI Debate: Existential Threat or Great Leap Forward
  • Drawing the Line
  • Transforming Business
  • Jobs: Creator or Destroyer
  • Re-Skilling and Money for Nothing
  • Artificial or Intelligent Equality?
  • A Hackers Delight
  • Live Demo: Bringing AI to Life
  • The Robot Doctor Will See You Now
  • Where is the Smart Money Going?
  • The Last Human in the Bank
  • They Warned Us This Would Happen
3:30 pm

Closing Remarks


Sutapa Amornvivat

SCB Abacus CEO

Julie Shin Choi

Vice President, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Products Group General Manager, Products and Research Marketing, Intel Corporation

Nicole Eagan

Darktrace CEO

Piyush Gupta


Mallika Kapur

Bloomberg Live Senior Editor, Asia Pacific

Rosaline Chow Khoo

CXA Group Founder and CEO

Steve Leonard

SGInnovate Founding CEO

Participation is by invitation only.

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