The Bloomberg 50

The Bloomberg 50

December 10, 2018 | New York City


The people who define 2018.

Last year, Bloomberg unveiled a list like none other: The Bloomberg 50, an exclusive accounting of the 50 people who changed the landscape of global business in 2017. From finance to fashion, media to manufacturing, banking to biotech, politics to philanthropy, entertainment to energy, and almost everything in between, The Bloomberg 50 highlighted those who changed the game in global business in the past year. The difference between the B50 and traditional power lists? Utilizing its worldwide resources, from 2,400 journalists to unique, proprietary data and analytics, Bloomberg showcased the 50 people who changed the equation in 2017 in measurable, quantifiable ways. 

The Bloomberg 50 was published in a special issue of Bloomberg Businessweek and at a red carpet event in New York City.

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