October 16, 2019 | Nasdaq MarketSite New York

The CIO Exchange:
Consolidation of the Cloud

The third annual CIO Exchange returns to Nasdaq in New York for another highly informative day of programming, geared specifically towards Consolidation, Collaboration & Optimization of The Cloud. As the Cloud matures, we are witnessing a historic chapter in its evolution, a crucial moment for CIOs to understand the full extent of this shift and the impact it will have on entire industries, from health care and finance to gaming and automated driving. From Salesforce’s staggering $15 billion purchase of Tableau to Google’s $2.6 billion acquisition of Looker earlier this year, the new era will be marked by swift consolidation. Cloud companies will now also provide analytics, making them a one-stop shop for running infrastructure, producing reports and analyzing data. We will also witness greater integration between cloud data and artificial intelligence, harnessing the full potential of AI. In this special collaboration between Bloomberg and Nasdaq, we will address the key themes to help today’s CIO prepare for the revolution in computing.

October 16 - Wednesday

8:30 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:15 am

Welcome Remarks


9:20 am

Fireside Chat


  • Brad Peterson

    Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Chief Information Officer, Nasdaq


9:35 am

Spotlight Interview 1:1


  • Lori Beer

    Global Chief Information Officer, JPMorgan Chase & Co.


9:55 am

AI & Automation: The Era of Intelligent Automation

Cloud computing has already permeated every facet of online activity. However, recent developments in AI and the increasing sophistication of programmers will enable Cloud to drive more full-scale AI implementations. Deloitte Global predicts that by 2020 penetration rates of cloud-based AI platforms will reach 83% among companies that use AI software. Cloud will also drive more full-scale AI implementations, better return on investment from AI and higher AI spending. Executives will address the implications for Cloud and AI, in this discussion.



10:25 am

Bloomberg Intelligence Presentation: The Future of Cloud Consolidation

Bloomberg Intelligence presents the consolidation of the cloud, providing an overview of the latest data and the recent deals. What kind of companies are best positioned to ride this trend? What types of customers are early-adopters and ready to embrace this concept in full-force?


10:40 am

Networking Break

11:00 am

Big Data Goes Real-Time

Big data is moving to real time. Previously you were ingesting data, cleaning it up and processing it, and only then using it for something. Today — thanks to the next stage of the cloud’s evolution — we are using data in real time. We will be able to analyze a large volume of data the moment it is produced or used. In this panel, we will address how this technological advancement will transform the business world and our day-to-day lives.



11:30 am

Future of Cybersecurity is in the Cloud

No industry is safe from cyberattacks and cyberattacks continue to grow every year. But cloud services have the potential to take security to the next level. Cloud services won’t only secure data within the cloud, they’ll secure the endpoint users as well. In this discussion, we’ll discuss how Cloud will optimize security for governments, the private sector and end-users.



12:00 pm

Spotlight Interview 1:1


  • Will Grannis

    Founder and Managing Director of CTO Office, Google Cloud


12:20 pm

Closing Remarks, Lunch and Networking Reception


1:00 pm

Event Concludes


Lori Beer

Global Chief Information Officer JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Will Grannis

Founder and Managing Director of CTO Office Google Cloud

Sylvie Veilleux

Chief Information Officer Dropbox

Benoit Dageville

Co-Founder & President of Products Snowflake

Greg Goff

Chief Technology Officer Uptake

Neha Narkhede

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Product Officer Confluent

Brad Peterson

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Chief Information Officer Nasdaq

John Stewart

SVP, Chief Security and Trust Officer Cisco

Lena Smart

Chief Information Security Officer MongoDB

Therese Tucker

Founder and Chief Executive Officer BlackLine

Max Chafkin

Features Editor Bloomberg Businessweek

Caroline Hyde

Anchor Bloomberg Television

Alexis Lê-Quôc

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Datadog

Josh Brustein

Technology Reporter Bloomberg

Suresh Vasudevan

Chief Executive Officer Sysdig, Inc.

Mandeep Singh

Senior Analyst Technology Bloomberg L.P.


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