June 18, 2019 | San Francisco

The  Future of Data
Seizing Potential, Profit & Purpose

The data-driven era is happening now. Enterprise leaders who learn to quickly capture and apply data at scale effectively will be more productive and beat the competition. Whether it’s upgrading old infrastructure to cloud-based or hybrid models, using software and analytics for efficiency among lines of business, or adopting artificial intelligence and automation to improve processes, we’ll take a look at how companies are utilizing technology to communicate more efficiently, capture value from customers and monetize vast amounts of data.

Leaders must also consider complications; as well as opportunities.
With so many different types of cloud services what are the challenges to adoption and implementation? We’ll examine privacy, security and regulation roadblocks. Join Bloomberg at this exclusive breakfast briefing as we identify how data is becoming the world’s most valuable asset making innovation possible and transforming the way we make decisions for the future.


Tom Giles

Executive Editor, Global Technology Bloomberg

Jean English

Chief Marketing Officer NetApp

Swati Abbott

Blue Health Intelligence Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Richard Carmona

17th Surgeon General of the United States & Chief of Health Innovations Canyon Ranch

JoAnn Stonier

Chief Data Officer Mastercard Inc.

Nico Grant

Reporter Bloomberg

John Chen

Executive Chairman & CEO BlackBerry Limited

James Cham

Partner Bloomberg Beta

Sherry Ryan

CISO Juniper Networks

Vijay Sankaran

Chief Information Officer TD Ameritrade

Anthony Lye

SVP and GM, Cloud Data Services NetApp

Ian King

Technology Reporter Bloomberg News

June 18 - Tuesday

8:00 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:00 am

Welcome Remarks


  • Tom Giles

    Executive Editor, Global Technology, Bloomberg

9:05 am

Opening Remarks


9:10 am

The Business of Data: Turning Analysis into Action

Emerging data collection technologies have the power to transform companies and our personal lives. From IoT to augmented reality and artificial intelligence, cloud-based systems will bring automation to almost every industry. Health care, Financial Services transport and media — no sector will be left unturned.

By understanding specific use cases, one can only start to comprehend the value this technology can truly create. What’s not being grasped yet is how the data is being utilized after it’s captured to create true business and economic value. Senior leaders will discuss how data is transforming the enterprise.

How are executives developing data collection methods for new, innovative technology? What are the emerging use cases? Is there data that is not being used to its full extent? What are the next steps for leaders to leverage data effectively and deliver valuable insights in an environment that is shareable?



9:40 am

Smart Cities & Cars: Driven by Data

As technology matures enhancements in artificial intelligence and IoT combined with massive amounts of real time data is the fuel to bring a better quality of life to the public.

From San Francisco to Singapore; Dallas to Cairo, the trend towards urbanization is undeniable. City populations are expected to surge from 3.6 billion to 6.3 billion — more than 60 percent by 2050. With rapid influx of people, cities will face fresh challenges. Smart city initiatives are crucial and both business leaders and government officials recognize the short and long-term benefits to save trillions of dollars and improve people’s lives by turning to technology. We’ll examine how IoT technologies will help alleviate the burden for people and the environment. Furthermore, future cars will run on data, not gasoline. And smart cars will need to be driven by smart security. How else is data being used to transform the automobile to the fully functional automated car? Executive Chairman & CEO of BlackBerry John Chen shares his insights on the many uses of data to fuel the autonomous car revolution.


  • John Chen

    Executive Chairman & CEO, BlackBerry Limited


  • Tom Giles

    Executive Editor, Global Technology, Bloomberg

10:00 am

Bloomberg Beta Presentation: Evolution of Data Oriented Business Models

Bloomberg Intelligence will take a deep dive into how data is changing the business model. What are companies like Google, Facebook, Lyft and Uber doing to monetization opportunity? How is big data replacing management and the way companies compete?


10:15 am

Cloud Ready: Balancing Data Adoption & Security

Data collection and the shift to cloud computing has changed business models, increased profits and redefined what’s possible. But as data volumes explode organizations that are not prepared to handle the rapid growth could face insurmountable challenges such as unpredictable data storage costs, data privacy, and security and regulation concerns. With so many different types of cloud services what are the challenges to adoption and implementation? How will AI and ML impact DevOps for the better?

Furthermore, while there’s been substantial talk of security for cloud computing, not nearly as much focus has been given to cyber security of edge computing, we’ll discuss the latest efforts to protect the perimeter of the cloud.



  • Ian King

    Technology Reporter, Bloomberg News

10:45 am

Closing Remarks

11:00 am

Event Concludes & Networking



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