January 23, 2020 | Promenade 72, Davos, Switzerland

The Year Ahead: Redefining Corporate Responsibility


The U.S. Business Roundtable revised its statement on corporate purpose in 2019 to call for a break from the long-established mantra that the primary responsibility of business is to maximize profit for shareholders. It’s urging companies to move towards serving “all stakeholders,” including customers, employees, suppliers and communities. The Business Roundtable’s call to action, which made headlines globally, follows a growing number of CEOs advocating for a realignment of corporate values to combat climate change, income inequality and a number of other pressing issues. But what is the right balance and how can CEOs best serve the sometimes competing interests of multiple shareholders?


January 23 - Thursday

7:00 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast

7:30 am

Opening Remarks


7:35 am

A Business Case for Purpose?

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the concept of value has many facets. How are companies staying relevant by adapting their business models and processes to stay on top of the latest trends? How can businesses leverage new technologies to deliver a more hyper-personalized experience for clients at scale in an age of high expectation? Are investments in reskilling and upskilling programs for employees enough to boost retention and prepare workers for disruptive technology? Join us for a lively discussion that looks at how companies must balance shareholder value with a commitment to customers and employees.



7:50 am

Purpose in Practice

Successful companies are the ones that do well, by doing good. In an environment rife with uncertainty, treating all stakeholders fairly and ethically is becoming important to businesses who realize there is another route to profitability. Doing the right thing for employees, supply chain partners, local communities and the environment are part of the new corporate purpose. What does it look like in practice?


  • Ezgi Barcenas

    Global Vice President, Sustainability, AB InBev

  • Suzanne DiBianca

    Chief Impact Officer and Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations, Salesforce


8:15 am

AI and Opportunity 

A conversation between musician and entrepreneur will.i.am and IBM’s Jesus Mantas about using technology to create a more equal society.


  • will.i.am

    Seven-time Grammy Award winner, Founder of I AM ™

  • Jesus Mantas

    Senior Managing Partner, IBM Global Business Services


8:30 am

Closing Remarks



Seven-time Grammy Award winner Founder of I AM ™

Ezgi Barcenas

Global Vice President, Sustainability AB InBev

Suzanne DiBianca

Chief Impact Officer and Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations Salesforce

Mallika Kapur

Deputy Global Editor Bloomberg Live

Rajnish Kumar

Chairman State Bank of India

Jesus Mantas

Senior Managing Partner IBM Global Business Services

Jean Raby

CEO Natixis Investment Managers

Mark Miller

Global Editor Bloomberg Live


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