November 29 | New York

The Year Ahead in Luxury

The Global Luxury Goods industry is poised to have the best growth year of the past 5 years, attributed to expanding audience affluence and product accessibility. Brands have a tremendous opportunity to capture this growth, but face mounting complexities as technology disrupts consumer behavior in profound ways.

Leveraging proprietary data and intelligence as only Bloomberg can, we present The Year Ahead in Luxury – a premium new chapter to the already-successful franchise designed to uncover what’s really ahead in luxury.


Robert Chavez

Hermès of Paris, Inc. President and CEO

Elise Loehnen Fissmer

goop Chief Content Officer

Ian Schrager

Ian Schrager Company Founder & Chairman

Harvey Spevak

Equinox Holdings, Inc. Executive Chairman and Managing Partner

Robin Standefer Stephen Alesch

Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors Principals


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