June 19, 2019 | Zurich 

The Future of ETFs: Zurich

The Future of ETFs will gather leading issuers, industry experts, and a range of voices across finance to examine the latest disruptive threats and opportunities facing the European ETF sector. We’ll dive into the most pressing issues including how factors like concentration, liquidity, and innovation could further develop the path of the current ETF space. We’ll examine what’s really under the hood of indexes and what the significant differences are between providers and their methodologies. And, looking towards the future, for a financial industry under pressure to evolve and innovate, we’ll find out the extent to which investment teams and executives are harnessing cognitive diversity to provide them with an edge.

June 19 - Wednesday

8:00 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:50 am

Welcome & Opening Remarks



9:00 am

The Shape of the ETF Industry

As growth and adoption of ETFs only increases, a handful of large providers dominate one end of the spectrum with niche providers at the other—and many are beginning to debate the future implications of this landscape. Is this a good or bad thing for the industry and what will it mean for investors, both professional and retail? In terms of competition, where is the industry heading both regionally and globally? Also how could factors like regulation, liquidity, and innovation further develop or change the path of the current market? With views from across the ETF eco-system we’ll look to draw conclusions for what’s to come.


  • Ivan Gilmore

    Head of Exchange Traded Products & Global Product Development, London Stock Exchange Plc

  • Antonette Kleiser

    Senior Vice President, ETF Product Manager, Brown Brothers Harriman

  • Thomas Merz

    Head of Distribution, Europe, Ex-UK, Vanguard

  • Steve Palmer

    Director, Head of ETF Sales and Trading, HSBC


9:30 am

Bloomberg Presentation: Unearthing Europe’s ETF Landscape

Through fresh, in-depth data and analysis on ETFs in Europe we’ll bring investors up to speed as to where the trends, flows, and numbers stand in a 2019 mid-year outlook. Bloomberg Intelligence will bring you the story and the insights through the terminal charts.


9:45 am

The Future of Benchmarking

Benchmarks have served a crucial role in investing for decades but looking to the future, it’s worth discussing how these performance tools are evolving. While it represents a “passive” investment approach, what’s really under the hood of your index and what are the significant differences between providers and their methodologies? The biggest and most heavily invested indices are still owned by a handful of providers so is there any investor concern about concentration risk? And with indexing expanding to other asset classes, themes, and trends like self-indexing, where might it go next?



10:15 am

Staying Ahead by Thinking Differently

The finance sector is under continuous pressure to innovate, grow, and move swiftly. Staying ahead of the competition, offering attractive new investments, and delivering alpha requires an edge that ETFs can deliver, but only with the right ingredients. What are executives doing, therefore, to inspire ETF innovation? On the asset management side how are finance leaders viewing future allocation and implementation? What are the team dynamics that make a real difference to promoting cognitive diversity and inspiring creative, bold decision-making? And ultimately, how can firms creatively stand out today by using AI-related technologies and robo-advisers whilst avoiding potential biases and recognising the value of human oversight?



10:45 am

Closing Remarks & Networking

11:30 am

Event Concludes


Rachel Evans

Head of ETF Coverage Bloomberg News

Sean Hagerty

Managing Director Vanguard Europe

Ivan Gilmore

Head of Exchange Traded Products & Global Product Development London Stock Exchange Plc

Antonette Kleiser

Senior Vice President, ETF Product Manager Brown Brothers Harriman

Thomas Merz

Head of Distribution, Europe, Ex-UK Vanguard

Steve Palmer

Director, Head of ETF Sales and Trading HSBC

Athanasios Psarofagis

EMEA ETF Analyst Bloomberg Intelligence

Sanjay Rao

Product Manager Bloomberg Barclays Indices Europe

Philippe Luethy

Head of Investments Switzerland Aon

Tim Edwards

Managing Director, Index Investment Strategy S&P Dow Jones Indices

Alexander Gaillard

CEO and Founder InvestGlass

Louis Odette

EMEA Head of ETF Analysis & Strategy Citigroup

Lidia Treiber

Director Research WisdomTree

Yakob Peterseil

Editor, ETFs Brief Bloomberg News


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