Brooklyn |  October 16, 2018

Sooner Than You Think

This fall in New York, we’ll take a deep dive into the technologies that are changing how we spend, save and invest — indeed that are changing many of the basic assumptions of our daily lives including the very future of money itself.

Change is coming. Sooner than you think.

From AI-enabled robo-investing to the implications for retail of a cashless world to the impact on monetary policy if and when governments move to digital tender, technological innovation is rapidly changing our relationship to money, creating major new opportunities but also creating poorly understood risks.

To explore these and other related topics, from the future of financial data security to the technological implications of a workforce delaying retirement, we’ll talk to the technologists, visionaries, founders, and entrepreneurs who are creating the future as well as the venture capitalists, hedge funds, banks and major financial institutions making big bets on how we’ll live our financial lives.


Natalie Bruss

Fifth Wall Ventures Partner

Bill Capuzzi

Apex Clearing CEO

Wole Coaxum

MoCaFi Founder & CEO

Vanessa Colella

Head of Citi Ventures, Chief Innovation Officer, Citi

Kara Coppa

BLΔKFX COO, EVP & Co-Founder

Dr. Stacey Dixon

Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) Director

Catherine Flax

Pefin CEO

Adena Friedman

Nasdaq President and CEO

Rishi Garg

Mayfield Fund Partner

Nima Ghamsari

Blend CEO & Co-Founder

Matt Harris

Bain Capital Ventures Managing Director

Ramya Joseph

Pefin Founder

Joey Krug

Pantera Capital Co-Chief Investment Officer

Yo Sub Kwon

Co-Founder & CEO, Managing Partner, Pink Sky Capital

Renaud Laplanche

Upgrade Co-Founder & CEO

Anthony Noto


Charles Phillips

Infor CEO

Andy Rachleff

Wealthfront Co-Founder & CEO

Christine Sandler

Coinbase Director of Institutional Sales

Stacy Scott

Kroll Managing Director, Cyber Security and Investigations

Shamina Singh

Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth President; Executive Vice President, Sustainability

Vlad Tenev

Robinhood Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Ryan Williams

Cadre Co-Founder & CEO

Cathie Wood

ARK Invest CEO & CIO

Edith Yeung

500 Startups Partner


October 16 - Tuesday

8:00 am

Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:00 am
9:10 am

The Future of Money

9:45 am

Where Millennials are Investing

The technology behind some of the leading mobile investment companies shares insights on trends and what matters most to Millennial investors.


10:00 am

Next Generation Trading

10:20 am

Networking Break

10:50 am

Lending 2.0

Startups are ramping up their competition with traditional banks in small business lending as well as consumer loans and mortgages.


11:10 am

Where Top Venture Capitalists are Investing Now

Identifying the hottest trends in fintech and which companies top venture capitalists are backing.


11:30 am

Investing in High Risk, High Reward Technologies


11:50 am

What's Next for Robo-Advisors

Wealthfront continues to add features to its service offerings. We'll explore what's on deck for the pure software model robo-advisor.


12:10 pm

Networking Lunch

1:15 pm

Evolution of Mobile Payments

As the shift to mobile wallets and payment increases and the battle for market share continues to heat up, which services and security measures are required to win over consumers? Which countries are leading the way in mobile payments?

1:35 pm

The AI Financial Advisor

A case study on how Pefin is leveraging artificial intelligence to provide financial advice at a fraction of the cost of a traditional advisor.


1:55 pm

Realistic Solutions for the Unbanked

As commerce continues to embrace technology and digital currencies become more commonplace, what will happen to unbanked and underbanked consumers? What can be done to ensure no one gets left behind in the digital economy?


  • Wole Coaxum

    Founder & CEO , MoCaFi

  • Shamina Singh

    Executive Vice President, Sustainability, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth President;

2:15 pm

Retail Innovation

How major retailers are leveraging artificial intelligence and new tools to enhance the consumer shopping experience.


2:35 pm

Real Estate Game Changers

Highlight companies shaking up the traditional commercial and residential real estate models.


2:55 pm

Networking Break

3:25 pm

Fintech Landscape in China

A spotlight on what's driving huge investments and innovation in China's fast-growing fintech industry.


4:05 pm

Government Crackdown on Crypto

4:20 pm

Protecting Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Recent cryptocurrency exchange hacks highlight vulnerabilities. As cryptocurrency grows in popularity, what can be done to protect the exchanges and increase investor confidence?


  • Kara Coppa

    COO, EVP & Co-Founder , BLΔKFX

  • Yo Sub Kwon

    Managing Partner, Pink Sky Capital , Co-Founder & CEO,

  • Stacy Scott

    Managing Director, Cyber Security and Investigations , Kroll

4:40 pm

Institutional Investors Meet Crypto

Despite the recent turbulence in cryptocurrency markets, institutional investors are taking a serious look at the digital currency.


5:00 pm

Networking and Cocktail Reception




Invesco is an independent investment management firm dedicated to delivering an investment experience that helps people get more out of life. NYSE: IVZ; Invesco is the provider of QQQ, one of the earliest and largest ETFs in the industry. QQQ trades on the Nasdaq Stock Market where innovation and technology expertise have created a world-recognized marketplace for the world’s biggest and best technology companies.

Singapore Airlines

The SIA Group’s history dates back to 1947 with the maiden flight of Malayan Airways Limited. The airline was later renamed Malaysian Airways Limited and then Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). In 1972, MSA split into Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Malaysian Airline System. Initially operating a modest fleet of 10 aircraft to 22 cities in 18 countries, SIA has since grown to be a world-class international airline group.

Singapore Airlines is committed to the constant enhancement of the three main pillars of its brand promise: Service Excellence, Product Leadership and Network Connectivity. The SIA Group fleet and network are also expanding in support of the development of its portfolio strategy, in which it has investments in both full-service and low-cost airline operations. This portfolio of airlines serving short-, medium-,and long-haul markets gives the SIA Group more flexibility and nimbleness, with the right vehicles to serve the right markets.

Stockholm became the second Scandinavian city to be added to Singapore Airlines’ route network in 2017. During the same year, Singapore Airlines unveiled its new Airbus A380 cabin products. The new Singapore Airlines A380 will be configured with 471 seats in four classes.

In 2018, Singapore Airlines became the world’s first airline to fly the new Boeing 787-10, which will be fitted with its new regional cabin products. The aircraft will be fitted with 337 seats in two classes, with 36 seats in Business Class and 301 seats in Economy Class.


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