Sooner Than You Think

Sooner Than You Think
at Cornell Tech

September 13, 2017 | Roosevelt Island, New York City

Technology as a disruptive force is no longer just a headline — it’s a part of life. But where the next seismic shift will occur, from how we work, organize, create, play and even govern, is difficult to predict. This September, Bloomberg convenes business and technology leaders at a new Bloomberg Technology event, Sooner Than You Think at Cornell Tech, to share vital insight into the trends and transformations that are poised to reshape the future.

At this conference, we’ll spotlight the technology leaders who are grappling with the challenges of disruptive technology and uncovering hidden opportunities. We’ll probe topics such as how AI and machine learning are changing the very nature of work and the relationship between employers and workers; the next generation of internet regulation; and the moral and ethical challenges posed by robotics. We’ll use Bloomberg analysis and data to identify where the next industry-changing innovation is coming from — and what you need to start taking seriously now, before it becomes impossible to ignore.

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