March 27, 2019 | New York

Bloomberg Equality Summit

Equality is the single most important ethical issue businesses today need to face head-on. Creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce – to serve an increasingly diverse consumer base – is also vital to the success of virtually every business operating today.

The Future of Equality

Complementing Bloomberg LP’s investment in creating the Gender Equality Index (GEI) – a tool that tracks key elements of gender and equality balance, allowing companies to drive accountability around diversity initiatives – we present the Bloomberg Equality Summit, a cross-platform editorial initiative that will bring together business, academic and political leaders as well as nonprofits and activists to discuss the future of equality, how we get there and what is at stake for the economy and society at-large.

Anchored in a full-day conference, Bloomberg Equality will foster forward-looking conversations and spotlight influential business leaders who are paving the way.

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March 26 - Tuesday

5:15 pm

Registration and Networking Reception

6:00 pm

Documentary Screening and Discussion

8:15 pm

Networking and Cocktail Reception

March 27 - Wednesday

8:00 am

Registration and Networking Breakfast

8:30 am

Breakfast Program

9:30 am

Welcome Remarks

9:40 am

Leaders on the Frontlines

The business case for diversity was established long ago: an increasingly diverse consumer base and an impassioned younger workforce requires it. But how do you actually advance diversity and inclusion in meaningful ways within a company? We bring together senior leaders of companies who are members of the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for a frank discussion on creating the right corporate culture, the progress being made and the challenges that remain.


10:05 am

A Focus on Gender Lens Investing

We’ll discuss the benefits and challenges of deploying a gender-focused strategy as investors increase their focus on investments centered on environmental, social and governance principles.


10:45 am

Networking Break

11:15 am

Leveraging Talent with Different Abilities

Inspirational speaker Spencer West has not let obstacles stop him from accomplishing his goals. From climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with his hands to speaking to audiences around the world, West will discuss why companies should seek out and leverage talent with different abilities.


  • Spencer West

    Author, ME to WE Inspirational Speaker and World Change Warrior

11:30 am

Advancing Equality Through Education

A wide-ranging discussion on solutions to provide educational opportunities for all students. Which policies and processes should be implemented to ensure under served communities receive access to a quality education? How can we leverage public-private partnerships to prepare students for the jobs of the future?


11:50 am

Closing Borders, Closing Minds: Immigration and the Rise of Nationalism

Immigration played a pivotal role in United Kingdom citizens voting to leave the European Union. A post-Brexit Britain will restrict movement of low-skilled immigrants from European Union member countries. This comes as the United States, under Donald Trump, is examining a number of ways to curb both legal and illegal immigration. Coupled with the rise of nationalistic tones. How can business and political leaders navigate these complex issues?


12:10 pm

Rethinking Capitalism and Democracy For All

Researcher E. Glen Weyl is the co-author of “Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society,” which bucks conventional thinking on how to spur capitalism and rattle democracy to create opportunities for everyone. He’ll share innovative ideas to closing the wealth and opportunity gap.


  • E. Glen Weyl

    Principal Researcher, Microsoft, Co-author, 'Radical Markets'

12:25 pm

Bloomberg Breakaway CEO Roundtable: Technology & Equality

CEOs of fast-growing companies join Bloomberg anchor Carol Massar and Pipeline Equity CEO and founder Katica Roy for a candid discussion about technology and how it can help – and hinder – diversity and inclusion efforts within companies. How can increasing the number of women involved in artificial intelligence improve gender equity in the workplace? How can AI help CEOs identify and correct for institutional biases that lead to gender equity gaps, from the talent pipeline to the paycheck? And what can you do when technology gets it wrong?

Pre-registration is required for this invitation-only lunch program. Attendance is limited.

Networking Lunch

1:40 pm

Afternoon Session Reset

1:45 pm

Transgender Rights Under Assault

Protections for transgender Americans are being rolled back at the federal, state and local levels. In November the Office of Personnel Management removed nondiscrimination guidelines from its website. This follows a report by The New York Times in October that the Department of Health and Human Services floated a memo that would establish the legal definition of sex under Title IX, only recognizing the sex of a person at birth. What can advocates and business leaders to fight discrimination?


2:05 pm

Mayors Taking Action

Mayors across the country are implementing bold and innovative initiatives. From reducing poverty and displacement to boosting educational and entrepreneurial opportunities to improving race relations and fostering inclusion. We’ll hear from mayors on how they are advancing equality in their communities.


2:30 pm

The Next Phase for the #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo Movement had an immediate impact in media and entertainment as well as Silicon Valley. Focus now shifts to finance, an industry with a long history of gender disparities. The #MeToo Movement has sparked backlash among some male executives on Wall Street who may limit their interaction with women fearing accusations of misconduct. What can be done to minimize the backlash and improve working conditions for women in finance?


2:55 pm

Combating Sexual Assault and Bullying

A sexual assault was reported at an elite boarding school in New Hampshire in 2014. The alleged assailant was acquitted of the most serious charge of felony rape and convicted on three lesser counts of misdemeanor sexual assault. The survivor Chessy Prout turned her ordeal into action creating the social media campaign #IHaveTheRightTo, launching an organization and co-authoring a book about her experience. We’ll discuss her advocacy for sexual assault survivors, anti-bullying measures and the role of business leaders.



3:15 pm

Bias in Artificial Intelligence

As the use of artificial intelligence becomes ubiquitous in our daily lives, there is growing evidence of bias in the data inputs. Joy Buolamwini will discuss her mission to combat what she calls the coded gaze – harmful bias in AI.


3:30 pm

Networking Break

4:00 pm

Why Representation Matters

Women and people of color have made strides on television, but remain disproportionately underrepresented in leading roles, directing and writing. That’s according to a recent report by The Ralph J. Bunche Center for African-America Studies at UCLA. We’ll discuss how to increase representation of diverse voices in media, entertainment and advertising and how these powerful industries influence behaviors and perceptions.


4:30 pm

Access to Democracy: Gerrymander and Voter Suppression

Gerrymandering — the process of deliberately creating districts that favor one political party over another — can contribute to voter suppression and political inequality. Armed with powerful computers employing sophisticated algorithms, states increasingly are drawing political lines to lock in the status quo. Gerrymandering can result in constituents’ desires being out of sync with legislators’ actions. However, four states – Colorado, Michigan, Missouri and Utah – passed legislation during the midterm elections to end partisan redistricting. We’ll examine the ripple effects and barriers it poses for advancing equality across many levels.


4:55 pm


5:20 pm

Networking and Cocktail Reception


Jenn Abelson

The Washington Post Investigative Reporter

Stacey Abrams

Fair Fight Founder

The Honorable Steve Adler

Austin Mayor

Sindy Benavides

League of United Latin American Citizens Chief Executive Officer

Jan Jones Blackhurst

Caesars Entertainment Executive Vice President, Public Policy and Corp. Responsibility

Lisa Borders

TIME'S UP President & CEO

Commissioner Sharon Bowen

Seneca Women Former U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commissioner

Joy Buolamwini

Algorithmic Justice League Founder

Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell

Spelman College President

Martina L. Cheung

S&P Global Market Intelligence President

Tom Donahue

"This Changes Everything" Director

The Honorable Andrew Gillum

Tallahassee Former Mayor

Sarah Harden

Hello Sunshine CEO

The Honorable Sly James

Kansas City Mayor

Jill Faherty Lloyd

Evercore Wealth Management Managing Director and Financial Advisor

Ali Noorani

National Immigration Forum Executive Director

Shane Ortega

United States Army Retired Staff Sergeant

Will Packer

Will Packer Media Founder

Marc Pritchard

P&G Chief Brand Officer

Tony Prophet

Salesforce Chief Equality Officer

Alex Prout

I Have The Right To Activist & Vice Chair

Chessy Prout

Author and Advocate

The Honorable Catherine E. Pugh

Baltimore Mayor

Carolyn Tastad

P&G Group President, North America

Spencer West

Author, ME to WE Inspirational Speaker and World Change Warrior

E. Glen Weyl

Co-author, 'Radical Markets' Principal Researcher, Microsoft

Jon Winkelried

TPG Co-CEO and Partner

Founding Sponsor

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