Sooner Than You Think

Sooner Than You Think

22-23 May 2018 | Station F, Paris, France

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Change is coming. Sooner than you think.

To succeed in today’s dynamic and chaotic business environment, companies must navigate the constantly evolving digital landscape. But even the most prepared CEOs can be overwhelmed by the challenge. What are the best strategies for embracing the Internet of Things and rationalizing the vast amounts of data generated in a connected world? How can true digital security be created when cyber criminals always seem one step ahead? And if our future ultimately belongs to robots, how will AI and Machine Learning really change the business dynamic in the near future?

Join us at Station F, the world’s largest tech start-up campus located in the heart of Paris, for Sooner Than You Think as Bloomberg brings together the smartest minds on the planet to answer these and other vital questions. Backed by the unmatched data and analytical power of Bloomberg’s global resources, Sooner Than You Think Paris delivers bankable insight into the near-future of business and the market forces and tech innovations already transforming the global economy.