Bloomberg Breakaway Summit

Bloomberg Breakaway

May 2-3, 2017 | New York City

Bloomberg Breakaway is an invitation-only membership of CEOs who lead sizable businesses that are poised for substantial growth. The membership will convene again at the 2nd annual Bloomberg Breakaway Summit, May 2-3, 2017, to explore the biggest areas of opportunity and largest challenges facing their companies. At the summit, members will connect with potential partners across industries, gain exposure to investors, and work with their peers to tackle the issues shaping the future of their bottom line.

 Featured Speakers

Steve Case

Chairman and CEO, Revolution LLC

Cathy Engelbert

CEO, Deloitte LLP

Margaret Keane

President and CEO, Synchrony Financial

Robert L. Nardelli

Founder, XLR-8, LLC, Investment & Advisory Co.

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